Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Toys for Molly Anne

On Friday I picked up Molly Anne from Ms. Becky's and since it was a rainy day, I decided we would go to the toy store.  I don't think I have ever taken her and I knew she would be mesmerized just by looking at everything!  And she was.  Since she can't really talk she didn't say I WANT THAT I WANT THAT.  Haha.  I do not look forward to those days when I have to tell her No to things.  Eek!

The store was running a promotion where the most expensive thing was 20% off, the second was 15% off and the third was 10% off.  I tried to get her things she would still like playing with when she was older so they'd last longer.  Also, I never really buy pink toys in case we have a #2 that is a boy.  I want them to be more practical for longer.  Ha, who knows.  But I like making myself feel better about spending money on MORE toys.

Anyway, these are the few new things I got her:  Brio Magnetic Blocks, Young Brix and Pop-It Beads.  I'd say so far that she has played with the Young Brix the most but she loves swinging the pop-it beads around after they're all attached to each other.  Ha!

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  1. I stick with that buying motto too - and I sort of think that stores promo is genius!