Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Today is picture overload.  We had the best long weekend with lots of quality time with our favorite girl.  

Friday - we hadn't been out to eat in literally weeks so we went to Midwood Smokehouse for a quick bite...at 5pm.  Ha.  

Playtime after we got home and before bath.  Seriously look at this mess.  Our guest room has become our playroom which has worked out pretty well.  

But once she goes to bed...

I must instantly clean it up.  Drives me insane for it to be messy for the next day.  

Saturday morning Molly Anne and I went to the Matthews Alive festival.  We went pretty early and just walked and walked.  It was honestly nice because there weren't that many people there.  The parade started at 10:30 and she loved that!  

Award winning crab cakes...that's funny.  They haven't been to my parents house evidently.

She did ride the carousal which was about the only thing she was old enough to do.  She loved it and knew what was up because this is the third time she has been on one!  She grinned a lot of the time!

Back to the parade....

We left right before it was over and headed home in time for lunch.  Well, so Mills could eat her lunch.  

She took a long afternoon nap then we hit up the pool.  

Then for some reason we decided dinner at Cantina was a good idea then we walked around Target for a few minutes.  This child was exhausted.  We got her home and in the bed by 7.   

This lazy human was on the couch laying like this so I put a blanket over him.  

Sunday morning was lazy and we were at Le Peep for breakfast.  By writing this post it seems like all we did was go out for meals but I really did pretend to cook most meals.  We just hadn't been out since the end of July before we went to Maryland.  So we made up for it I guess.  PS this Tiny Diner placemat was so handy.  It suctions to the table and made it really easy.  As of Friday night at Midwood, she's into coloring with the crayons they give out.  And occasionally eating part of the crayon even though she knows she isn't supposed to.  Ha.  

During her morning nap, I got Mills brushed and he looked like a new pups.  

Before lunch we went to the neighborhood pool for our last swim there.  We had so many fun memories at this pool this summer.  We went a few days a week, made friends with all of the lifeguards.  Most times it was only us there.  Molly Anne stays under water swimming for 8 seconds, jumps off the side and underwater by herself, wants to be thrown as high as possible and dips her face in just to get wet.  She's a hoot and loves the water!  

Afternoon nap then more water play out back.  Molly Anne's friend Freddy gave her this fun sprinkler for her birthday and she had such a ball with it.  She would purposively move so the water got in her face.  

Yesterday we layed low in the morning then met Kevin's parents at their club for swimming and a cookout midday.  It was fun but I didn't take a single picture.  Boo!  After nap time we swung at home (Dad installed hooks on our garage) then went for a walk in her car.  

Play play play.  And stand by herself!  She's getting really comfortable walking and holding onto our fingers.  Walking is coming soon!  

Last night brushing those teeth again...highlight of her life.

And I basically melted when I saw her like this before I went to bed.  I mean she is holding baby duck tight and is just so cute.  

This morning she was ready to rise and shine!  This is her little tot block that she plays in while we get ready every morning!  She loves to read her books and play.  

And watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...!

Happy Tuesday!


Leslie said...

So sweet! I love the sleeping pictures too. She is looking like such a little toddler in the pictures at the festival! What a fun weekend! Also, I try to tidy up SC's toys too. I read that it is actually good for them because it gives them something new to explore!

Shauna said...

Gosh she is just so sweet :)

MWH said...

I have now spoiled Rob with good crab cakes. Whenever he tries them when we go out to dinner he says, yours are better! Maybe your mom and I should start a business :)