Monday, September 26, 2016

Maryland Trip

Friday morning at 7am, all four of us left and took Mills to camp.  Then the three of us went to the airport to go to Maryland to see my parents.  

Well things didn't go as planned.  We were trying to board near the end for two reasons - to not coop Molly Anne up any longer than necessary and to spare the other passengers from hearing her for an extra 15 minutes.  (It isn't wonderful to travel with a 14 month old).  Well they weight restricted the plane so they didn't allow the last 15 passengers to get on.  We were row 3 and I'm preferred and they still said no.  Typing this, it makes me mad.  Y'all I was SO irate. They should have known they needed a bigger plane with the number of booked passengers.  It was totally avoidable on American's part.  Next flight out was at 7:40pm.  Joyous.  I'll spare you all the other details but Kevin ended up not coming because he would have only been here a day (I was coming back Monday, he was coming back Sunday).  

They also refused to take our checked luggage off so thankfully my parents went to get it when it got to Maryland. Now I have to figure out how to get two roller board suitcases, a stroller and two smaller bags plus Molly Anne by myself to the bus then to our car.  I think I found help so I'll be fine. But it made me SO mad that they just didn't care how much they inconvenienced us. At all. 

Got our car, then went back to camp to get Mills. Then got home. Kevin fed Molly Anne lunch (yes this was a 5 hour rendezvous at this point) and I had to bathe Mills because he was already gross from Camp.  This was how we all felt. 

Molly Anne took her afternoon nap at home, I worked, Kevin worked.  Then around 5:15pm, Molly Anne and I drove in rush hour Friday PM traffic to go back to the airport by ourselves.  Whew.  Back on the bus to the terminal. 

We hung in the club where I consumed wine. Haha.  

We were first to board this time ;).  Molly Anne had her own seat for about two minutes before the nicest guy sat with us. 

Honestly, she was perfect for how late it was and how past her bedtime it was.  But we made it home home!!  This was the next morning playing with Poppa!

Then acting crazy and checking everything out in their house. 

We headed to the local zoo and she loved that!  Birds and flamingos were her favorite!  She also liked the alpacas. They probably reminded her of Mills ha!

Not sure who loved this more....she kept resting her chin on his head.  

That night we picked crabs for one last hurrah this summer!  

Tried a booster seat which did not work with miss wiggle worm.  

The good stuff. 

We have to be super careful everytime we take her because of the old bay.  Right after this picture I used a wet wipe on her hands.  Don't want her to get it in her eyes.  

As usual she ate everything - crab, shrimp, clams, corn.  Eastern shore girl!

I'll recap Sunday and today later this week.  


  1. Oh my goodness that is so frustrating and disappointing. I am so sorry that happened to you. I am afraid to fly with SC by myself just because I have no idea how I would be able to handle carrying all of the things that come with a baby/toddler. I have to say though that you two look adorable on your way to the airport and it is hard to stay to upset when you see MA's cute face. I love how she is rocking out the hair bows!So glad you had time with your parents. :)

  2. I would have been irate too. You would think seeing you had a baby, they would have encourage you to board early.

    At least you go some crabs :)

  3. Traveling with little ones is so nervewracking- I would have been irate too! Ive been following you for awhile and keep meaning to comment. I'm from Maryland too (Cambridge) and now live in Raleigh! We visit the same spots in the summer or when we go home. So fun!

  4. O girl. I would have been fuming. I was mad just reading your post. Ugh.

    Glad the trip turned out to be a good one though!

  5. No offense, but that is part of traveling these days, "Preferred" status or not. I am sure the other 14 people were inconvenienced as well. And I am pretty sure the airlines have to give you vouchers when your flight is delayed longer than 4 hours.

  6. Glad you made it to Maryland safely! Love love all of the adorable outfits ma is wearing!!

  7. I'm glad you made it ok. And, it looks like you had a great time. Too bad Kevin had to miss it. I agree with you about the airline. They could have estimated the weight issue. They do not always issue vouchers. I have a friend whose family was going on a long weekend vacation when the Delta glitch happened in August. After a long delay they made it as far as Atlanta (from Cincinnati). They spent 17 hours in the Atlanta airport with no plan from Delta. They eventually rented a car and drove home. To date they have not even received an apology letter from Delta. I will say I am surprised because when I fly with my husband, who is a Platinium member with Delta, if they do not upgrade us they come back and apolgize. Not just to him to all the Platinium members. I love flying with him...

  8. What a travel nightmare! You are so brave for giving it a second chance! I'm glad you had a fun visit once you finally got there! :)

  9. That is definitely frustrating! What happened to Kevin (after you all were bumped) that you were stranded with all of your bags alone with Molly Anne??

  10. Wow what a mess ! At least it looks like you had a great visit with your parents :)