Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Back in Action

Whew, I'm back in action.  A little late today but I'm here.  Molly Anne and I made it back to Charlotte safe and sound!  Traveling with her isn't the easiest (anyone who has traveled with a mobile child understands) but it's always worth it.  It was so wonderful to spend time with my parents.  I really hate that they're over 8 hours away but it's important to me to get home to see them a few times a year.  It isn't the easiest for them to travel right now and I have a gazillion miles so it's somewhat easy to hop on a flight and go (well assuming you actually get on the flight you booked!!).  

And may I tell you, she was AN ANGEL on the flight back to Charlotte.  I have this blanket that my friend Ashley gave me as a shower gift and Molly Anne just cuddles right up to it.  I thanked Ashley for 40 minutes of sleep on the way back.  Woohoo!  

See that blanket in the below pic?!  She loves it.  

We got to baggage claim and I got Kevin's bag that I didn't trust American to ship back to Charlotte and deliver for me and my suitcase.  Some how, some way, I pulled both suitcases with one hand, had two bags on my shoulder and pushed her in the stroller from the baggage claim downstairs to the bus pickup upstairs.  Then they helped me onto the bus.  Mama's always gotta figure a way out!  I survived.  Ha!  

Thankful for the memories we made with my parentals and I'm glad they get to feel like a big part of Molly Anne's life too.  Time with them isn't often so we make it count!  

Back in Charlotte last night I regrouped at the house and went to work super early to get things done today.  At lunch I got to go listen to one of my best friends speak at a luncheon and she did a wonderful job!  Fortunate to have such amazing, well-accomplished friends!


  1. Glad you made it. I had a VERY active little boy and the only way I could survive on a plane with him was to buy him a seat. He got clicked into his car seat and knew to sit tight. It gets $$ but it helps immensely!

  2. Glad you made it home after your traveling fiasco!

  3. Welcome back! In the same boat with you having my parents not so close, and making the trip (even though such a hassle) is never a regret either!