Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I basically have a few signature scents around my house that I always have burning.  Here they are then I'll tell you about my favorite holiday scent and then two I want to try.  

This Lollia Wish candle is my all time favorite.  And is essential to my life.

This Voluspa Laguna is another favorite and a bit cheaper than the Lollia one.  

Nest Holiday Candle.  This burns starting at 12:01am the day after Thanksgiving ha!

And here are two I'd like to try:

Aspen Volcano candle.  My friend Sarah always has this burning and I love it but I've never bought it!  One day after I get tired of Lollia maybe!

And I'm thinking about getting this Nest Pumpkin Chai candle for the Fall.  I've tried Yankee and Bath and Body Works candles and they just don't smell AS GOOD as these "fancy" candles!
Yep, I'm high maintenance in the candle department!  Sorry Kevin.


  1. I tried the Nest holiday candle last year but it was soooo strong! I've wanted to try volcano candle. My absolute favorite is the rosy rings spicy Apple - it's perfect for fall! You could burn it from now till thanksgiving :). And it's worth splurging on the big one bc they are so pretty - even after they've burned down!

  2. My favorite holiday candle is from Williams Sonoma, spiced chestnut. It gives off great aroma but it's not TOO strong. It's so festive!!! I might get the reed diffuser this year for our powder room.

  3. I loooove the spiced chestnut mentioned above . I have a lot of products in that scent

  4. I need the Nest candles. I don't like anything to seasonal...but just the right amount of small.

  5. I'm the same way!! Love the volcano candles! Working in the wholesale gift industry has made me a bit of a candle snob ... Not that we make candles!

  6. I'll never get enough of the Tocca "Stella" scent. Nest "Bamboo," and the Ralph Lauren Holiday candle is the most amazing christmas-y scent ever in the entire universe :)

  7. I love the Voluspa Goji Torocco Orange scent. I always light it when I am feeling a bit down or stressed. Funny how scent can change your mood!

  8. The Pumpkin Biscotti from Anthropologie is my favorite candle for Fall! It's so yummy.