Friday, September 9, 2016

Five on Friday - Bunco, Clothes, House


1.  Bunco with my girls on Wednesday night.  We always have way too much fun.  There were others there that night but this was a later night picture.  Thankful for their friendships.  They "get it."  Yall know what I mean by that.  

Mills always hangs out with me when I get home from bunco and we do funny videos and pictures.  Poor dog.  

2.  Molly Anne has cuddled with me a few times this week before bed which is so rare these days.  Mostly she's all over the place so I soaked these moments up!!!

3.  My Mom got Molly Anne lots of Fall clothes!  The box arrived yesterday.  How cute are they?!!  You can see Molly Anne on the left of the picture.  She loved opening the box and then crawled all over them, occasionally laying down on them and feeling how soft they are with her face!  Oh Molly Anne, our shopping adventures haven't even really started yet!  

4.  After dinner playing outside.  We try to get outside a lot especially now that the temperatures should be cooling down.  I throw the ball for Mills while Molly Anne giggles at him or plays with her toys.

Or dips her face in the water like a crazy little girl!

5.  My friend Ashley has worked miracles on our house and it's really coming together now.  We went and looked at brick this week and I hope to do a post about that next week.  We NEED TO START CONSTRUCTION!!!!  We've owned the property for 3 months now and are paying on it so we have got to make decisions and begin!  Not to mention winter is coming...!  


  1. The drawing of your house is such a tease!! I can't wait to see. It looks gorgeous! Hope ya'll have a good weekend!

  2. Who makes Molly Anne's clothes?! They are darling and I've been looking for comfy, but classic, daycare clothes for my girl who is MA's age.

  3. That picture of you and MA is beautiful! My parents are in the exact same boat with their new property and it's driving us all insane. Let's get this party started!!!!!!!!)

  4. Can't wait to see more of your house! It will be so exciting to see it start to come together!