Friday, September 16, 2016

Five on Friday - Halloween, Burrito Bowl Recipe

It's Fridayyyyy!!!  I'm barely alive today after an amazingggg Zac Brown Band concert last night.  They are so so so good.  I will recap it next week.  

1.  Halloween.  I'm extra excited for Holidays this year because I think Molly Anne is going to think they're so fun.  Starting off first with Halloween - she is going to be Baby Duck of course and yall, I got this costume in the mail on Sunday, she is obsessed!  This isn't her in the pic (obvi) but I tried it on her the other night and now she likes to cuddle with it.  I'll save the pics of her in it for Halloween!  I had looked on Pottery Barn Kids and those costumes are SO expensive but I thought this was just perfect.  Also instead of a PBK Halloween plate, I got her one at Target in the dollar aisle.  Now I just need to find her a little treat bag.  I'm on the hunt starting at HomeGoods first.

2.  Someone asked what brand those new Fall clothes were that I got Molly Anne.  They're mostly Baby Luigi/Luigi Kids and also a couple Bella Bliss things.  Also, sorry I couldn't reply to your comment...when your email isn't hooked up to your account, I have no way to contact you.  Please either follow this guide or leave me your email address in the comment and I'm happy to answer any questions!

3.  This is an easy burrito bowl recipe and honestly took me no time to make a somewhat healthy dinner.  Just layer all of this in a bowl.  That's rotisserie chicken in the container which I had taken off the bone the night before when Molly Anne went to bed.  

Molly Anne's deconstructed burrito bowl!

4.  A couple nights ago I ended up having to bathe Molly Anne early because we had been outside and she was a mess.  It was the first time in her entire life that she was not on her usual routine of bath, milk (or water), bed, and in that order.  She had a bath then playtime before bed.  And guess what?  She fell right asleep!  I was excited about that.   

She loves Mills an unbelievable amount.  The love between the two of them is so adorable.  She just climbs on top of him and pretends he's a real life stuffed animal.  So cute.

running buddy!  Every Thursday morning we get up and go run around our neighborhood.  It's become our little thing and we both love it.  She likes to point at the birds and trees.  It's the sweetest.

5.  Piggies for school today.  Today is Ms. Becky's birthday so it will be a fun day!

Happy Weekend!!!!


  1. Ha! Get used to it girl! Lawter comes home from daycare playground time so dirty and mulchy that I can't let her run around the house until she's bathed so the flexibility with routine and what she expects next is important! Toddlers are messy little people! : ) Tiny piggies are adorable, happy weekend!

  2. That was me asking about clothes! Thank you SO much for answering. My girl was born April 15, so similar age to your sweet girl.

  3. If you decide to get a monogrammed Halloween bag, Lands End has a cute pumpkin one. I got them for my grandchildren a 2 years ago and they still look like new.

  4. Oh, so sweet! SC may go as a duck too, if she still fits the outfit my mom bought her. My husband still is campaigning for Star Wars, so I feel that could also be happening!

  5. Hope y'all had a great weekend. Love the little duck.. and good call on the Target plate. I need to make a Target run soon before all the Halloween stuff disappears. How is already fall??

  6. Molly Ann is adorable. I am back to blogging at