Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Maryland Part Two with Walking!

Sunday we hung in the morning.

Then mom, Molly Anne and I went to one of our favorite shops!  Of course Molly Anne got this little bunny!

Came home and played the piano which she loved!

Snack time!

Sunday night we got take out from our favorite Italian place.  

Monday we had some visitors...
While we waited...

Our old family friends came over. 

And one of my bestests got to meet Molly Anne. She was in town from New York so this worked out perfectly!  Her mama (above) had met her last year but we loved seeing her again!

We stopped by my cousins work to see Aunt Jenni! 

Then went to a huge playground called bens swings.  It was really cool but I think Molly Anne will like it better this time next year when she can do more. 

She loved the swings though!

Last night we went to Evo for dinner and Molly Anne was so good!

She sees the flash on my phone now and grins so big!  

When we got home, our neighbors came over to see her. 

And she walked to Mrs. C!!!  She took a couple steps after she had been standing at the coffee table.  Couldn't believe it. She took another step to my mom right after that. Crazy!!

Yes she lovessss the paper plates from Walmart...they were the highlight of the little Halloween bag mom had put together for her. Ha!!  She didn't end up walking for the paper plates haha!!

Well, we are on our way back today.  I'm hoping for no flight drama ha!  It is pouring down rain so walking out to the plane with Molly Anne, the stroller and bags should be thrilling. 

Chat this week!


  1. Love that little boy photo bombing behind the booth in that one picture!

  2. Go Molly Anne!!! Youre parents are probably so happy that she walked at their house. I know mine are hoping to see something these next three weeks!

  3. So exciting that she is walking! SC also is obsessed with paper plates; it is so funny what gets their attention. Also your mom's shirt with the crab is adorable. So glad you had such a great visit despite the rough start!

  4. Yay for MA walking! Her outfit is super cute as usual. Glad you had a great trip!

  5. Awww!!! First steps , that's huge :) she is so cute, ah that smile gets me !