Monday, September 12, 2016

Gina and Davidson's Wedding

Wedding weekends are the best.  Gone are the days that we have 10 weddings a year for multiple years in a row.  Now we only get to go to a few a year since the wedding circuit has slowed.  This weekend we headed to Blowing Rock, North Carolina which is in the mountains near Boone for Davidson and Gina's wedding.  Kevin used to work with Davidson at the bank.   

First, we dropped our girl at Kevin's parents then we headed out of town.  We stopped for lunch and it was so weird not getting a high chair and feeding a little human.  Ha!  I guess it had been awhile since Kevin and I had been on a road trip without Molly Anne!  

We got up to the mountains (only a two hour drive) just in time to check in and then head over to Chetola where the wedding was.  We had both basically gotten ready in Charlotte so all we had to do when we got to our room was put our dressy outfits on and go.  How gorgeous right?  You can see the chairs on the right which is where the ceremony was and the tent where the reception was.  PS - this was the fastest wedding I've EVER been to.  Literally 5 minutes.  They walked up, said their vows and walked out married!

The fire pit was awesome.  It got down to the mid 60's that night and it was so nice to sit by the fire pit!

The happy couple!


Us with the bride and groom.  

All the bank guys.  

The view of the party from the fire pit.

And yes, they know how to throw a big party.  I was basically delirious yesterday.  Kevin all but had to pull me out of bed to get on the road back to Charlotte.  Yeah I said I was never drinking again.  (Until Thursday probably.)  But yesterday I couldn't even look at a menu that had alcohol on it at the breakfast place we stopped at to eat.  Ahhhhh.  

On the way home, we stopped at our friend Ken's house to just say hey.  It was fun seeing where he lived because we never get up his way, he always comes to Charlotte.  

We got our girl around 1 and after her nap we headed to our new pool.  I'll post pictures of that tomorrow!

Back to reality today!  Gina and Davidson are off to Antigua...lucky ducks!  It was a fun weekend for Kevin and I and I'm so thankful we were able to get away.  Thank you to his parents for keeping our favorite little girl!!


  1. I love a short ceremony too -- my uncle was our officiant and I told him if he went over 15 minutes, he'd be fired :p short, sweet, full of love, then on to the party!

    Both your dress and hers are so pretty - love the unique neckline details!!

  2. Love all of these pics! Still hate I couldn't be there so we could hang! Loved your whole outfit that night! Let me know the next time you're in Charleston!