Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekend Out

Friday we finally got the new ride.  It is sooo pretty and has so many cool features!

Friday night we had dinner with Kevin's parents and niece. 

Saturday morning we went to Stacks with this cute little baby!

That morning I was coming home from Petsmart and saw a few of my neighborhood friends decorating the entrance so I got Molly Anne bundled up and we took a run up there!

Saturday night we had a big time and ubered everywhere!!!  It was our first night out just the two of us since Molly Anne arrived.  We've been to weddings etc but not just us out.  We decided to do a Southpark crawl and go a bunch of places we hadn't been.  Started with drinks and an app at Baku.  Dirty gin martini and Kevin sampled some beers. 

Pea blossom roll. Their bar scene upstairs is pretty cool. It was our first time there.  

Then we walked next door to Treehouse and I tried the Bourbon Bramble.  Delish.  Place was crowded so we hung outside by the heaters.  

Next up, 8:30 dinner reservations at Dogwood, my fav.  Kevin had never been so I was excited for him to try it. We sat at the kitchen bar and got treated to a couple fancy extras.  The cooks were super cool.  It reminded us of the kitchen table at Aria. 

Kevin got the shrimp and grits and I got the trout.  

They hooked us up with bacon jam.  Evidently the panthers coach and his fam has come in every Saturday this season for bacon jam and considering they are now 10-0 I believe he will keep coming.  He had been in right before we got there!  

We finished the night at Foxcroft Wine Bar and ended up seeing my friend Emily as we were leaving.  

It was really fun to get out just the two of us.  Plus we got to sleep in because Kevin's parents brought her to us on Sunday morning.  That was a real treat!  Thank you all for watching our girl!

On Sunday we did this and watched the panthers game!

Busy week ahead!   I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving week.  


  1. That sleeping baby pic is so adorable!

    Night out sounds like a blast. Dirty Martinis are my favorite, but if I have more then 1.5 it gets messy. ha.

  2. That last picture of MA is just so cute! I just got so excited to meet our newest one. Can't wait for MA & Baby F to play!

  3. What a fun time! It is so great that just the two of you could go out!

  4. What a great weekend of fun for just the two of y'all and I have added some places to my list for the next trip to Charlotte.

  5. Yay for the new car! Glad you guys had a night to yourselves. Love that purple top on you!