Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend

Well it was a crazy weekend. Hope you all had a nice one! 

Friday was a fun day. I kinda took the day off to spend with my girl and go to a couple Halloween parties!

First stop was April's for a little play date with this ballerina's friends!  She loved watching everyone play!  

That afternoon I got my act together and realized I needed to do some class gifts for the class party ya know at 4:30 that afternoon. Swoozies to the rescue!  

We did a little hang out and this pooch was adorable and came and put his big head on her boppy.  Cannot get any cuter!  Then we headed to Becky's home where she had past and present kids that she's watched over the last 30 years!  We took a group picture but I just posted that on my private Instagram.  Likewise with the pic of the play date that morning. 

That night in the bath... She has really gotten so alert the past few weeks. She splashes in the bath, knows when people walk in and out of the room and acknowledges you.  It's really cool.  I love this picture of she and rubber duck!

We were supposed to go to dinner but Kevin's parents were sick so we didn't want them watching her.  I was perfectly fine with a low key night at home.  

And I woke this baby up at 8am.  She slept 12 hours. Full disclosure, she was up coughing for an hour at 3:30a. 

We had special guests visit on Saturday who were in town from Raleigh. I grew up with Ashley in Maryland. Thank you for coming to see us!!!

Then Halloween began!  Visit from Gigi the car first!

Cutest bunny I've ever seen! ;)

With mills the lion!

Molly Anne got over the costume quickly. Kendall the blue princess came over to trick or treat in our hood. 

Every Halloween I always go roam around on my bike and visit neigbbors so I did that after I put Molly Anne to bed.  Several of our neighbors have driveway parties so it's fun.  And my Tervis tumbler of wine fits perfectly in my water bottle holder! ;)

This dog does look like a lion. Haha

So ferocious.  

Sunday was recoup and get ready for the week. Molly Anne still has the crud.  Doc told me Thursday that this stuff just lasts 2-3 weeks.  I feel so badly for her but we are doing everything we can to keep her comfortable.  She's still smiley as can be so she evidently doesn't feel too terrible!  

Happy Monday!


  1. I hope Molly Anne feels better soon. She is adorable on both of her costumes. It looks like she had a great Halloween!

  2. I love the pic of you on your bike. Driveway parties on Halloween for the win!

  3. Molly Anne was the cutest little bunny!! You guys always have so much fun on the weekends. I feel like since I've had the baby all I do is hang around the house! Lame!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  4. Mills as the lion is hysterical!!!!!
    I think next year you all should be Dorthy, The Tin Man, Lion and the Scarecrow!

  5. I love Mills as a lion! My parent's neighborhood is known for driveway parties, especially in our cul-de-sac. I love the little ballerina outfit for Molly Anne!

  6. Mills dressed as a lion just kills me!!! We used to dress our Goldens up for Halloween, but the costumes never lasted very long!