Friday, November 6, 2015

Five on Friday

This Laura Cox Design's necklace is perfect for Veteran's Day coming up or any patriotic day!  She is donating proceeds to the Independence Fund!  I already purchased one and I hope you will too!  Also, congratulations to Laura for making this her full time gig!  She has the cutest necklaces and they are such good quality!

April told me about these couple car seat toys for Molly Anne and she has loved them.  Links here and here!  She also has this one and it stays at Becky's for her to play with. 

This lil baby is my best little buddy.  She loves watching me put makeup on and do my hair.  She of course gets to hold my blush brush.  ;)

FOUR:  Mills mad at me because I won't let him leave our room to go into Molly Anne's at night when she's gone to bed.  He can't stay away from her.

"This is my baby Mama, not yours!"  PS - why are breathable bumpers so ugly, ha?!

Yesterday we went to her four month appointment and they told us it was next Thursday.  So we took advantage and took a walk outside!

And one extra - my SIL and I are trying to figure out outfits for the girls to wear at Thanksgiving!  This is a top contender right now.  

Happy Weekend!


  1. I just can't get over her little face, so precious and sweet :) I love the one of her holding your makeup brush, cutie!

  2. Love that Mills can't stay away from Molly Anne! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. I just added those car seat toys to my Amazon wishlist for when Leo is a little older.....and I love that burts bees outfit! Looks so cozy and cute - I may have to find that too!

  4. She really looks like a little doll (and your mom!) Cutest expressions. Have a great weekend!

  5. I looooove that little Lilly dress! Are you in the Baby/Kids Lilly resale group on Facebook??

  6. Molly Anne is such a doll baby! And look at Mills being so protective, so sweet!

  7. Love to know where you get all Molly Anne's cute monogramed onesies.