Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fam Weekend

This weekend was so necessary.  We were invited to do several things but we said "no thank you" to all of them.  Sometimes you just have to do that.  And I'm learning that it's ok and people actually do understand.  

Friday evening with my girl. 

We went to Hawthornes for a very early dinner.  We got to know the manager there a long time ago and she just has loved Molly Anne!  So yep you can go to Hawthornes for dinner and free childcare evidently. She's holding her in the pic below!

We came home and put her to bed and hung by the fire Kevin built.  

Sarah came over for about 30 minutes to hang.  Pajamas, baby monitor and a lil wine on the back patio!  Oh and we made smores!

Saturday we had a lazy day.  Cutest NC State fan I've seen!

And she had her first bite of food - bananas!  I think she likes them but eating is a lot to learn at once!  Each day I bet it gets easier for her!  

Then we went to Pearlz Oyster Bar with Kevin's fam for a birthday dinner.  It was our first time and I must say, it was really good!

Afterwards - strawberry cake!

And Molly Anne evidently got a taste of icing for the first time!  Just a tiny bit!  

Sunday we were up early doing errands and then we decided to head down to Greenville, SC.  We had planned to go this weekend but were kinda casual if we were really going to do it.  Well we did and I'm so glad.  

Lunch at Smoke on the Water. Our favorite!  Fried green tomatoes. 

After lunch Kevin fed Molly Anne and I walked into a cute shop next door.  

This one zonked out the whole way there and the whole way back to Charlotte. We stopped at the pottery barn outlet and got a couple things.  

It was a nice family day! 

Ready for a busy week.


  1. Sounds like a perfect family weekend. Love that Molly Anne tried icing...I am sure she loved it!

  2. What a lovely weekend. Greenville is such a darling spot!

  3. LOL,so rice cereal is not ok because it's "processed food" but frosting for a 4 month old is totally fine.

  4. Ahhhh love MA's turkey dress!!! And my mouth is totally watering over those fried green tomatoes! Glad you had a good weekend!!