Friday, November 13, 2015

Five on Friday - MA Stats and more

1.  Yesterday was Molly Anne's four month appointment.  She got three shots and one oral.  They were the same as the ones she got at two months. I think she definitely tolerated them better this time.  And I liked that we had a late in the day appointment.  A squirt of Tylenol before bed with a warm bath and she was gravy.  I know her little legs will be sore for a couple of days so we will be extra gentle! ;) As for her stats - 14 pounds and 14 ounces (75%), 25" long (75%) and when you combine the two she ends up at 50% overall.  We think she's perfect!  Two other big things that happened at the appointment - we are starting real food this weekend - bananas first!  Her doc doesn't do rice cereal or oatmeal because "it's processed food in a box."  So there's that!  And the other thing - she's going to get a helmet/band for her head.  We have decided on the Doc Band but we need to decide on when.  Want to do more research before we decide. 

2.  This painting.  I bought it from a childhood friend I grew up with Abbi Custis and we are working on finding the perfect place for it. It's called "It's Better At The Beach." 

3.  Thank you Tess for recommending the best scissors ever to use on Molly Anne's nails.  I thought scissors sounded scary but these are SO much easier than clippers.  I have been nervous to cut her nails until these and they make it impossible to not slice the tip of her finger off like I did the first time I cut her nails.  Becky has been doing them since.  Until now!!!

4.  I got to meet Caleb this week. He's Kevins cousins lil baby!

5.  I put a little tree up in Molly Anne's room this week.  I'm on the hunt for small pink ornaments.  I checked Dollar Tree with no luck.  Any ideas?  This skirt is special because it's the one my parents used for our tree when we were children!

And I may have to put the Front Gate garland on our mantle that I splurged on last year.  I was so excited to pull this out.  It was definitely worth the splurge.  And it looks like it's on sale now!

And an extra - this pooch got groomed this week at Camp.  He was so excited to be at Camp - as in he was in my front seat when we turned on the road.  And this was him on the way home - dead tired!

Happy Weekend!


  1. The baby I nannied for in college had to wear the helmet and it worked out very well. The only issue I noticed was they took it off right when he was learning to walk, and the poor little guy wasn't use to bumping his head so he was a little more fearless than I imagined he would be without it. I am glad to hear all is well with MA and that she is healthy and happy!

    The Garland is beautiful! I love Frontgate, but yea they can be pricey! At least it is something you'll have and use for years. You may want to check Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge (now called At Home)for the small pink ornaments.

  2. I never thought about rice cereal being processed, but she's totally right! Hope MA likes bananas... They were Ella's fav :) I bet you could find pink ornaments at Target?

  3. Yay! I'm so glad the scissors worked for you! I look forward to cutting Leo's nails now! And, for what it's worth, I'm all about skipping the rice cereal/oatmeal and going straight to the good stuff too! I bet Molly Anne will have so much fun trying real food.

  4. Yeah, the rice cereal always confused me. Yayee for real, whole foods!

  5. Do you have a guest bath?! I bet you could decorate around it in there!?

  6. Target, Michael's and Hobby Lobby for pink tree stuff.
    Erin Carroll (blue eyed bride) son got a doc band and lives in NC, so I bet she'd be a wealth of knowledge. Her son had a great experience with it.

  7. Holy crap, I totally forgot about incorporating FOOD into Thomas' diet soon! I always read about MA's milestones and think "wow! she's growing up SO fast" and then remember I have a baby the same age! We started with rice cereal (huge fail) and then oatmeal for Caroline but I'm really intrigued with your doctor's orders to start some foods instead! Tell me more!

    Also, I don't know that little babe Caleb but he sure is cute and made me smile.

    Happy weekend! xo