Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shoes for Molly Anne

This is a weird age for shoes.  Not many shoes come in size 0, 1 or 2 so there is limited selection.  But when it's 35 degrees in the mornings I feel silly sending Molly Anne out the door with only socks on.  

Yesterday at lunch at made it my mission to get her some shoes.  

First up, these Robeez Mary Janes.  These aren't warm but she needed something to go with dressier outfits this winter.  At $26 they aren't terribly priced and a little trick a lady at the store shared with me? Buy the 6-12 month so she can wear through next summer and stuff cotton balls in the toe of them now.   It's not like she's walking in them.  Smart right?!  I got these at Shower Me With Love for you local gals.  

I picked up these ugg boots at nordstrom for her.  They velcro so they should stay on.  My friend Sarah told me last night that she has these that I can borrow so I may just take her up on that and take these back. 

I got her these ugg slippers from Nordstrom a few weeks ago for her to wear around the house.  They keep her feet warm for sure and she's now worn them out and about too.  They're called the Ugg bixbee bootie.  I'd link these up for you but I'm on my iPad in the airport with no time.  

And my favorite but least practical. The Baby Deer Sabrina ballet flat.  Adorableeeeee.  Found on Amazon.  


  1. These are so cute! Thanks for the suggestions. Annalee needs some shoes as well, I always feel bad just sending her out in socks.

  2. I love all of these shoes!!! We had those Ugg boots too, if you need a backup pair! :) I also loved the moccs for Ella last winter...Freshly Picked are obviously the best, but follow Sweet n Swag on IG--they have pretty much the same quality moccs for like half the price of FP ones!

  3. We liked Baby Deer at that age. They're kind of like the Roobeez but softer. Molly Anne is just one of the cutest babies I've seen. Congrats!!