Friday, November 20, 2015

Five on Friday

1.  I was wiping my phone and came across these favorite pictures of Mills.  

Mills and Mom when Mills was 14 weeks. 

2.  Speaking of wiping my phone.  I copied, cut and pasted all of the pictures (over 1,000 of them) onto my computer then also dumped them to Picassa for extra back up.  I do this every few months.  I highly recommend so if something were to happen to your phone, you at least have all of your pics from when you last took them off your phone.  I hate taking pictures off my phone because what if I NEED that one pic but it does feel good to wipe the slate clean and now it's ready for the holidays! 

3. Our little turkey.  I'm trying my best for her to wear all of her clothes.  We had a lot of 3-6 month stuff and she's going to be totally out of it very soon.  I had to take some of my favorite gowns and comfy stuff out of her drawers and put them in the big bin of outgrown clothes I've started.  Ahhh.  

Best friends. 

4.  I put Dickens Village up!  My parents passed this down to me and now I know how much work they put into it every year!  This is such a fun thing to have up during the Christmas season.

5.  Last night at neighborhood bunco - dress code was activewear and we don't even play bunco.  Only left right center.  It's so fun.  And I won one of the rounds last night!  I took April's easy lunch as an appetizer!

I'm definitely glad it's Friday after going to bed way too late last night.  We finally get the new car today so I won't be driving this dealer loaner anymore.  I feel like I've had a rental car the last three weeks so this will be nice to finally be settled back into our car again.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Do you have the Shutterfly app? It's SO easy. When you click on it, it automatically knows what new pictures you've taken and you can upload them to Shutterfly without doing anything! Found it the best way. Then you can make books, cards, etc on their site.

  2. Left right center is so fun! I love the active wear theme!

  3. Yay for your new car! Molly Anne is so adorable; it is heard to believe how fast she is growing. I adore that turkey outfit, and I also love seeing the photos ofMills. Have a great weekend!

  4. Activewear dress code? That sounds right up my alley!