Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I'm in Nashville as I type this and I'm about to fly back over to Charlotte. I came here with a couple coworkers to entertain a client and we had the best time.  We started by going to visit a contractor that is based here that we've worked with for years.  They're good friends of ours at this point.  They took us to the gulch area and we had lunch at Saint Anejo.  We worked some more in their conference room then went downtown to check in and meet the guy we were here to see. 

We had dinner at Merchants.  We originally had reservations at Kayne but ended up wanting to walk from our hotel.  Anyone been to Kayne?  We heard it was amazing. Next time!

Then we walked up to the Ryman Auditorium and randomly bought tickets to the Marshall Tucker Band.  

The band Shenandoah opened for them. 

Seeing a show there was definitely a bucket list item!

Then we went to a few more honky tonks before calling it a (late) night!

Good times as always!  I love Nashville. 


  1. I went once a couple of years ago, such a crazy place! Very fun...but nuts!!!

  2. Welcome to my town!!!!! So glad y'all were able to see a show at the Ryman! We LOVE going to shows there!! If you have more free time go to The Pharmacy for one of the best burgers in town or get pizza at 312 Pizza Company!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Nashville!! :)

  3. How fun!!! I need to go back to Nashville. Last time I was there I was still under 21 so not as fun!

    And I made your corn dip that you had posted ages ago for Friendsgiving! I had pinned it at one point. Everyone loved it!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! So exciting first "family" holiday with Molly Anne!!

  4. Ahhhh! I was in Nashville 2 weeks ago but went from the airport to the Gaylord and back :( Although I did sneak over to the Grand Ole Opry for a photo opp in front of the guitars! :) Super jealous of your fun, I really wanted to go to a concert, but had to settle for the musicians in the hotel restaurants and airport restaurants! -Megan

  5. Love Nashville!! I saw Ben Folds at the Ryman when J was in school there. What an amazing venue!! Have a safe trip home!!

  6. Nashville is one of my favorite cities!!! When I went, I wasn't able to see a show at the Ryman but was able to catch one at the Opry. I highly recommend it!!