Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yard Comparisons

I don't think the lady we bought the house from had done yard work since they built the home in 1999.  Seriously. 
It was number one on our priority list when we moved in for a couple of reasons.  One we didn't want to be the terrible neighbor who moves in and could careless about their yard.  Two we had the weather on our side at the end of October.
So, Kevin's parents helped us trim bushes, I picked up A MILLION leaves (which are not shown in these before pictures), we used a lot of RoundUp and Kevin, his Dad and brother powerwashed.  In fact, Kevin still powerwashes for a couple of hours every night but that's another story I'll get to in a few.
See this front bed before and after photos.  They had a ton of weeds and the bushes were out of control.  We got mulch yesterday and spread it.  In the after picture, it looks like the grass even has mulch on it, that's where the pile was.  It'll get cleaned up.  BUT, doesn't it look a million times better???? 

Kevin's Mom cut back all of the rose bushes on this side of the house.  They will be beautiful when they bloom!
This is on the side of the house.  There was nasty mold pinestraw up along the house.  We got all of that up.  Did the RoundUp then got a lot of mulch.
This is the back yard.  You can't see a ton, I need to take better pictures.  But we had 2 small trees removed that were randomly in the middle of the backyard (kept the $2,000 japanese maple tree).  The leaves were all blown to one side and will be hauled off after they have all fallen.  And you can see our concrete driveway in the right picture.  See how it's light colored at the top?  That's where Kevin has powerwashed and it's now clean.  Wow, right?!  Eventually our whole driveway will be done but it takes about 2 hours a square.  AKA we have about 36 more hours of POWERWASHING!  Uh, yes.  That's time, soreness, gas to run the thing and a lot of water.  But it makes a huge difference! 
Both weekends we have been in the house, we have at least 10 bags of lawn waste.  It's unreal.  Haha!  We're trying to do a lot of ourselves but it's definitely a lot of work!  Once we get it ship shaped up, it will be easier to deal with!
But wow, what a difference a couple weeks of us working makes!
Oh la la and when that front sidewalk gets power washed, it'll look even more spiffy!


  1. It looks great! I hate to tell you that yards are a labor of love! If you neglect 1 weekend then the following weekend you're doing double time. I'm not talking from experience or anything - ha! The best thing is how accomplished you feel when you're all through. We love to sit on our front porch or deck after a long weekend of yard work with a beer in hand & admire our hard work. These past few months sans beer have been tough! ;)

  2. Looks great! Sounds like a power washer might be a great Christmas gift for Mr. Kevin!

  3. Yall have done an amazing job so far! I remember when Cameron bought the house 2 years ago all of the yardwork we had to do. Omg I was sore for days. It's so rewarding when it's all done though! :)

  4. It looks so much better! I can't imagine how sore y'all are though!

  5. Wow, the yard is looking great! xx