Friday, November 9, 2012

My Funny Nieces

Today's blog post is brought to you by my sister in law's facebook page.  She puts the cutest and funniest pictures up of my nieces.  And I LOVE it!!!
First day of school.
This Bojangles tea must have helped because she is now walking at just over 10 months!  I got to see her do it on FaceTime earlier this week!
The family at Sarah's baptism.  I was so sad to miss this but I was moving.  L to R - My SIL's parents with Anna Kate, my brother with Sarah, SIL Emily and my parents.
Ole Fin is such a good pups.  This picture is why we will have a golden retriever!
Who needs bookshelves?!!
A couple other things I don't want to forget that Anna Kate told me while she visited Charlotte a few weeks ago.  She told me that I was a teenager!  Ha!  She also told me that she was incredible and that I was also incredible.  I love five year old minds! :)


  1. Love the teenager comment! I miss when my nieces were that age! I was in college and they REALLY thought I was the coolest :)
    I also love the walking at 10-months!! INCREDIBLE!!

  2. omg that teenager comment is so funny! and the golden retriever picture is beyond adorable!

  3. and that's why golden retrievers are the best!

    i can't wait until i have a lifestyle that is doggy friendly!

  4. These girls are just the cutest! I love the last picture the mess of books and the splashes of pink.