Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every Accident

When I first started driving at age 11, my Dad always told me, "every accident is your fault."
And yes, I did start driving at an early age.  He took me to the church parking lot.  And then out on back roads.  I'm a firm believer it's why I know how to drive decently now.  ;)  Mom probably didn't agree with him letting me drive that early but she also probably didn't know all the details back then haha! 
Anyway, when Dad was in college, he worked for UPS loading boxes on the night shift.  You see, Dad put himself through college.  He worked many jobs while doing so.  He also took care of his mother and dated my Mom throughout.  He now owns his own business and has for quite some time.  To say he's someone who I greatly admire would be an understatement. 
Side note: Kevin also worked at UPS when he was in college.  We like to giggle about how much he and my Dad were alike.  Kevin also worked three jobs at once while in school. 
Back to driving.  I was standing in line with my Mom at the DMV at 7:59am on my 16th birthday ready to roll!  Got my license and I was outta there! 
Ole pops kept telling me "every accident is your fault."  That's what they taught him at UPS.  Do you know they have a rigorous program they put those guys through?  Anyway, I kept arguing with Dad like well what if this happens like this then that SURELY isn't my fault.  And he'd keep telling me what I should have done to prevent the accident.  And looking back, he always made sense! 
 - slow down
 - drive for the people behind you, to the sides of you and in front of you
 - anticipate
 - be defensive
 - look forward but always know where the traffic is around you
 - never follow closely, allow yourself reaction time
 - don't sit in people's blind spots
Now I still argue that what if I'm at a dead stop at a stop light minding my own biz and some car comes out of nowhere and rear ends me.  Oh, I guess I should have known that it was about to happen and moved to the side or go through the red light if no cars were coming so the person couldn't hit me.  Hmmm, maybe Dad can comment on that one. 
But, I do agree that you can pretty much prohibit most accidents.  After reading this post, do you all find yourselves saying, "I don't agree with that.  Or, but what about definitely wasn't my fault."  I know, I know.  If you believe you can pretty much prohibit most accidents, maybe it'll make us all drive a little more defensively.
Drive carefully!


  1. I started driving when I saw super young. We lived on a dirt road, so my dad was all about us learning to drive early. I think I was first on a tractor alone when I was 5, and my mom wanted to strangle my dad. She has the cutest picture of me thinking I was so big. I seriously can't believe he did that!

  2. I have heard this many times, since my Dad also worked at UPS through college! I think his work there had a huge impact on his already strong work ethic! Thanks for a great refresher!

  3. my Grampy gave me driving lessons (just like my Papa (great grandfather) gave my dad driving lessons... family thing :p)

    his first lesson? "Everyone else on the road is crazy."

    it is the best lesson - it reminds me to stay alert and aware, to drive defensively, and if I ever wonder what my driving actions will cause for another, I can almost bank on the fact that they'll do the dangerous or stupid thing.

    that's going to be my 'mantra' when I teach my someday kids to drive! :)

    (also, I'm 11 years older than my little bro. I let him sit on my lap and steer the wheel while I worked the pedals on the dead end road in our neighborhood. he has his permit now and is an amazing, calm, confident driver)

  4. All of my accidents have been with stationary objects... I definitely couldn't blame the fence when I backed into it.

    This is the time of year when you reallyyy have to drive defensively. I think that is good advice!

  5. Yes UPS is VERY strict. Alan worked in the accounting office for a couple years, but during "peak season" they pull everyone to help with the extra packages. Alan had to deliver in the mountains one year over the holidays. The year right after we got married too. No comment. The tests he had to take were ridiculous. Like getting points off on the written for missing punctuation. Crazy. But at the same time, it says something about that company with how serious they are about their drivers. I can respect that....even when they send my new husband to deliver packages in the snow...over Thanksgiving and Christmas. :)