Monday, November 19, 2012

My 30th - The Day I Became a Mama!

Friday was like any normal day.  I went to Greensboro for a work deal, Kevin went to Statesville with his Dad to get his car serviced.  They went to see Aunt Kate as she had just had surgery.
I got home around 4pm and ran and go showered for dinner that evening at the fish camp (my choice!).  We went for my birthday with Kevin's parents, brother, sister in law and niece Kendall.  I had no idea what was in front of me!
Kevin and his Dad didn't get home until after 5pm which I thought was crazy because they had ALL day to get up there and back.  Why would they sit in rush hour on a Friday getting back to Charlotte?  But I was grateful for some time to get ready for dinner and recover from the week.
They had left Kevin's Dad's car at our house.  We had just gotten some painting done and when they got home, Kevin came back to where I was drying my hair.  I said well didn't your Dad come in to see the paint?  He said no he had to hurry up to get Mom and everyone to go to dinner.  He said they're also coming over here later to bring your presents.  Okay, I didn't think that was's common for them to come hang out on Fridays with us.  Little did I know, I didn't see his Dad because they had to do a switch-a-roo of a special guy. 
We went to dinner and came back.  They had to stop by their house to get the gifts on the way over.  I opened the gift from his parents and then also his bro and sil.  Then Kevin handed me a card and said, "now remember this is all you get because of the Nashville trip."  (That was the deal - we went to Nashville for my birthday)  So he handed it to me and I opened this isn't uncommon because he's always giving me golden retriever cards. 

But when I read inside and I realized Kevin was no longer in the room, we were getting a puppy!

And in walked MILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn't contain myself.  I got all teary and I just couldn't believe it.  Heck, I still can't believe it!

I've dreamed about having a golden retriever FOREVER!  I grew up with one named Charlie who passed when I was a sophomore in college.  I STILL think Charlie should be at the door when I go home to Maryland.

Y'all they had been in Greensboro also that day but were about 3 miles from Westben getting us Mills.  Kevin had bought Mills about a month ago but wanted to save the surprise until my birthday!!!

He is the most perfect pups EVER!  Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?!!!

I got to go to Petsmart with my Mama on Saturday morning!  Everyone loved me! ;)

My friend Ashley that I grew up with has always told me about Westben which is where they got their adorable pooch George.  There are a lot of odd things about this whole story because I sent Kevin the link about Westben a couple years ago when Ashley told me about it.  Kevin asked around town here and found out that Westben was THE place to get a golden in the southeast.  He didn't remember that it was the same breeder where George was from. 

And even weirder - Ashley and I were talking that Friday night when Kevin and I had gotten home from dinner and before I met Mills.  She sent me a picture of a couple boy pups at Westben that they had right now.  She asked when we were going to get one and I said not now because of all the expense of the house, wedding etc.  Then 10 minutes later Mills was in my house!!!!!!!!  I texted her that she wasn't going to believe what just happened.  She couldn't!  We've had fun talking about them and she's given me a million tips!

Best part - George and Mills have the same Dad!  So YES!  My friend from Maryland and our pups are half brothers!  Can you BELIEVE that?!!!!!!!!!  Small world of golden retrievers!!!

On Saturday we went uptown to our Avenue condo to show Mills!  It's "miller time!"

First family photo!  Mills is a big baby!  He's precious and so cuddly!  I cannot get enough of him!

I'm an uptown pups!

We attended our annual friendsthanksgiving that our friend Chris puts on every year.  We love visiting with all of our old neighbors.  Folks that have moved out of town still come back for it.  One from Canada, one from Georgia, Chris' daughter from NJ.  Just really an amazing event! 

After the "dunch" we had plans with Dave and Jenn.  They were going to meet us down at our house and we were going to have a fire.  We opened the garage door and ALL of our friends were in our garage.  Kevin had put together a surprise party!  He is unreal!!!!!!!!!!

I was terrible at taking pictures because I was so overwhelmed but it was SO fun.  All of our friends got to see our house and take it over and set up for the party.  Kevin got 10 pizzas, 6 cases of beer and a pink and green cake!  He knows me well!

I want to list the folks that came so I remember in 10 years.  Lots of Kevin's friends, our Avenue crowd and a friend of mine from college!  Jenn and David (who were really good liars!), Josh and Wendy, Miguel, Craig and Sara, Greg, Benny and Jackie, Dan, Brad and Shauna (who set things up!), Joe and Brittany (who brought all the food!), Kevin's parents, Rob, Ken and his brother and I hope I'm not forgetting anyone.  There were others that were supposed to come but didn't end up making it for various reasons. 

Kevin made a huge fire and burned everything in sight!

Kevin and I with Brad and Shauna!

Ole Mills was racked out by the end of the night!

But next morning he had lots of energy!!!

I took him for a walk but when I talked to the breeder he said I shouldn't do that until he's 18 months.  He's lil bones and joints need time to develop.   
His cousin Fin told him about a show on Animal Planet all about their friends.  So he watched it!
We just have had the best time hanging out with him.  He is SO cute and I miss him so much today. 
Mills - "My parents are champion dogs.  They get shown very often.  Therefore, I'm a special puppy too."  Yes Mills, Mama thinks you could be in magazines and on the dog treat boxes. 
Best present I've ever received!  Thank you Kevin for making my birthday SO special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. He is so cut and so big already! What a fun birthday.

  2. Omg those puppy paws! I love him. What a PERFECT 30th birthday!

  3. SO CUTE!!! What a snuggle muffin he is adorable. I am so glad Kevin was able to pull off not one but two huge surprises for you, that guy is a keeper! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Oh that's so awesome!! Happy birthday! And welcome to being a puppy momma. It's about as much work as being a baby momma to be honest. But worth every bit. He's just adorable. And I just swoon for big puppy paws. Love it!


  5. Oh my goodness, what an amazing birthday! Mills is so stinkin cute! What a precious puppy!

  6. Oh my goodness, how stinkin' adorable!!! This is seriously an amazing birthday gift. I know you had a great day/weekend!

  7. omg omg omg, how cute is he?!?! I had a golden retriever growing up, too! And Brady is half golden. And our next dog will be a golden, too, so this post made me extra anxious..and jealous! haha. So excited for you! Keep the puppy pics coming! :)

  8. Kevin really knocked it out of the park this year! Mills is absolutely adorable ... what a perfect addition to your new home!

  9. OMG...Mills is SOOOOO cute! What a wonderful birthday gift. I see you have already gotten plenty of pictures! Congrats on the puppy...Kevin is too sweet. xx

  10. Best.birthday.ever!!! I would have been over the moon too! Such a cutie!!!!!!
    Are you going to crate train? Best thing ever too. :)

  11. I don't know which is more adorable, Kevin's card or Mills. What an awesome birthday!

  12. he is the cutest puppy ever!! enjoy!

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  14. HE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! That sweet Kevin of yours is SUCH a keeper! Happy belated sweet friend! xoxoxo

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  16. he is just the cutest thing! and SO FLUFFY!

    i can't wait to see more pictures of him!

    this makes me miss my golden who i had growing up too!

  17. Ahhh! He is the cutest thing ever! I can't get enough of the puppy face. What a perfect birthday gift!

    I keep telling Corey we need another puppy so Riley won't be lonely - but our schedules don't allow us to be home for potty training. :(

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  19. No way!!! 1. Furbaby is TOO cute for words. Just like his fur-mama!!! 2. 30 ... no way ... I had you 5 years younger than me. Xoxo-BLC