Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Song List

The one thing I really care about for our reception (other than open bar) is the music.  I told you all about our band Still Cruzin' in this post. Thank you to KT Louise for the recommendation by the way! ;)
And I know they've played literally 1,400 weddings since the 70's so they are well capable of making it a party.  But since we have been engaged, I've just collected songs that I would love to be played.   So I'll give them this list but Johnny says they can read the crowd so I'll let them do their thang!
One really cool thing that they said they'd do for us was to learn a few songs.  I think we may have them learn Better Together by Jack Johnson for our first song.  We'll see if Kevin still wants to dance to that or something else by then! 
Let's be honest friends - what do you think about when you leave a wedding?  Entertainment, food and drinks right?  Yep, I can't tell you who used what kind of flowers in any of the gazillion weddings I've been to.  But I CAN tell you who had good food, open bar and an awesome band!  



    this was the song that my husband and I danced to for our first dance.
    (actually our 14th anniversary is today).

    all the best for you

  2. "September" is my all-time favorite wedding song, and I think all truly Southern weddings HAVE to play "Dixieland Delight".

  3. Having the LSU fight song was a must. Brad didn't care about VT. Also, at the end of the wedding the DJ played Zydeco music. It was a hoot!

  4. Signed Sealed Delivered, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, and Brick House always get me on the dance floor! Great picks! :)

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