Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Top Priorities

We have been so bogged down with "house stuff" that we have hardly done much on the wedding recently. 
But it's coming up so quickly.  I think everyone will be shocked on January 1st when they look ahead and realize we're getting married in 96 days.  There isn't much time.
Top three priorities at the moment:
1.  Most importantly I'm trying to gather middle names and updated addresses for our guest list.  I have to get this back from each of our Mom's by the end of the year so they can be sent to calligraphy.  It's hard to believe invitations will be sent out the first week of February so getting these addresses finalized is essential. 
2.  Mom needs to finalize REASONABLE flowers.  The space where the reception in is already so pretty, it really doesn't need much.  And flowers die the next day.  This is low on my priority list and always has been.  We're meeting with the florist in February.
3.  We need to figure out what we are doing with the food and bar package.  The bill for our reception is insane and I just need to be practical and skinny this down.  Open bar versus by the drink etc...


  1. Ugh, the nitty gritties and trying to figure out where/how to scale back are what's almost driving me crazy right now. I really need to figure out how to make my floral invoice go down. We're so close though!! :)

  2. I can't even imagine how stressed I'd be if I were working full-time, fixing up my new house, and planning a wedding! I agree about the flowers. I love flowers, but I don't think I need a ton at my reception. Too much money on them just seems so wasteful!

  3. Oh yes. I remember those days. And hearing about those days from anyone getting married. I think an open bar typically ends up being more expensive than a by the drink plan. Because not every single guest is going to drink. And most guests aren't going to drink what an open bar plans for. But regardless, it's an annoying process to deal with. I feel for you. Now post more pics of Mills. ;)

  4. Have you tried doing just beer and wine for the bar? Thats what I'm doing for my reception and it cut down on costs quite a bit!

  5. Flowers were a big deal at my wedding.
    It took us FOREVER to find reasonable ones.

  6. Our bar package is still TBD too. I'll be interested to hear which route y'all decide on!

  7. It's going to be here so soon!! So excited for you :)