Monday, November 12, 2012

Reunion and Engagement Party

We had a busy but fun weekend!  Friday night after work we went to The Brown Derby for dinner with Kevin's parents.  It is super old school hole in the wall in Monroe, NC.  It was actually pretty good.
Two main events this weekend, both on Saturday.
1.  Kevin's family reunion at his parents home. 
Here are some pictures....
2.  Lauren and Andrew's engagement party!
Lauren's college girls - Brittany, Lauren, JoAnn, Stephanie, Emily
It was at the home of a local university's president.  And it was amazing!  The spread was by Dean & Deluca. 
Kevin and I having fun.
Em and Michael.
The bride with her parents. 
The bride and groom with his family. 
Kevin and Andrew.
Isn't the home gorgeous?
It was such a fun celebration of Lauren and Andrew.  It included toasts to the happy couple and a slideshow of pictures of them both growing up.  Adorable!
Sunday I cleaned our entire house top to bottom and side to side.  I'm talking all out, I cleaned the heck out of it!  You know, a house cleaner is great and everything but noone cleans as well as you clean yourself.  That's what Mama says and I've gotta agree! 
While I cleaned, Kevin powerwashed.  He's got more than half of the driveway done.  He's worked SO hard on it.  The goal is to have it done by the time my parents come next week.
Have a good week yall!


  1. What a busy weekend! It looks like it was so much fun!

    And I completely agree about the housekeeper--I hate cleaning, but I'm so type-a, I can't stand people not cleaning to my exact liking!