Tuesday, November 6, 2012

CMA Awards Recap

On Thursday when we got into Nashville, we had lunch at Rotier's and we checked into our hotel behind a guy who was on the phone with Brantley Gilbert.  That was cool.  Then we walked around Nashville. They were setting up the red carpet right outside the hotel. 

We got all fancied up and went back out there.  The stars were coming down the blocked off road in their black cars.  In the below picture below the chandelier, you can see Sugarland.  He has the hat on and you can see her back. 

Checking things out!  We met the nicest couple while watching the red carpet.  He was in the military and they had just moved to Nashville.  They didn't have tickets to the event but were taking pictures of the red carpet.  Story to be continued...

We started walking up to the Bridgestone Arena for the show.  I LOVE some Josh Turner!

We got up to the gate to go in and there was a mother daughter that had two extra tickets.  They were already in so they asked us to get the tickets to someone who couldn't go otherwise.  They didn't want them to go to a scalper.  We told them we had the perfect couple.  We ran them down to the sweet couple we had met at the red carpet.  They got all teary eyed when we gave the tickets to them.  What an awesome moment.  Kevin says this was his favorite part of the trip.

We ran back up and went inside to find our seats in the 200 club level, 4th row  They were just perfect!

It was really cool since it was a live event.  They said get in your seats, the show begins in 3 minutes.  Then they kept counting down.  They wouldn't let folks in or out unless it was a commercial break.

Jason Aldean's opening act with Luke Bryan and Eric Church also came out.

Little Big Town winning their award for Pontoon.

Miranda and Blake for Over You.
Hellooooooo Luke.  I'm minorly obsessed.
Taylor's performance was over the top of course.
Little Big Town.
Brad and Carrie.
Willie Nelson tribute. 
Kevin and I after the show.  He wore his brown cowboy boots with his black suit.  Of course that picture wouldn't flip for my blog but it looked pretty funny.  He said well when else would I do it?  In Nashville of course.  Oh my...!  Whatever floats his boat!
Breaking down the red carpet.
On Friday, we went out to Franklin, TN and walked around all the adorable shops.  They are so cute.  Lots of great gifts.  We had a big over the top lunch at Pucketts.  We came back to Nashville and visited with some of the guys I do work with.  That evening we headed out on the town to listen to live country. 
This little girl was singing a couple of songs at one of the bars.  Yall heard it here first - she will be famous.  She's 8 now.
Kevin got his picture taken with Marissa.  So cute!
We went to Merchants for some appetizers for dinner.  So yum. 
The next morning we went to the famous Pancake Pantry and yes it was worth the 30 minute line to get in. 
Gosh after writing this post, it seems like all we did was eat.  Ha! 
But we really had the best time!  Kevin loved his first trip to Nashville.  It was great to come back to Charlotte on Saturday and have the day Sunday to get things accomplished.  I went to Philly yesterday for the day so I'm ready to be in town the rest of this week. 
What have yall been up to?  I feel so out of the loop!


  1. So jealous you got to go to the CMA's! Looks like a blast!

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip! I would love to go to the CMA's one day. And how nice that you were able to give those extra tickets to the couple you met - I'm sure you made their day!

  3. So glad you went to Franklin! Isn't it the cutest? And WOW that y'all got CMA tickets. What an experience! I really want to go now!

  4. I love Nashville (especially Franklin!), and I'm glad you had such a great time! Also, I love cowboy boots worn with suits - well played, Kevin!

  5. What an awesome trip!! Seriously so fun! Sub in the Tony's instead of CMA and it's my ultimate fantasy too. And how cute that Kevin wore boots and a hat with his suit. Do you know that the Texas GOP cmte has a ball in DC called Black Tie and Boots? EVERYONE tries to go because it's so much fun. His outfit reminded me of that.


  6. What a fun trip. From the military couple, the boots, and all the eating. I'm jealous! You guys live a charmed life!

  7. Ahhh what an amazing trip! It sounds like such an incredible experience!

  8. Your pictures look so exciting! How fun!



  9. Sounds like SO much fun! I've never been to Nashville, but really want to go!

  10. what an AMAZING weekend!! the cma's looked like a blast!! isn't franklin the cutest?? and i LOVE pancake pantry!! xoxo

  11. Wow! What a perfect trip! The story about the couple gave me goosebumps--how exciting for them to get to go. :) :) :)