Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas List Organization

How do you all organize your Christmas shopping list? 
I use the notes section in Outlook and on my phone (they sync together).  Without this, I'd be toast! 
This quick list makes it so easy that when I think of a gift throughout the year to get, I put it right in my phone next to the person's name so when Christmas shopping comes around, it is right there.  After I've bought the gift, I type "bought" by it.  When I ship it to out of town family, I type "shipped" by it. 
Best part is in future years, I can look back at what I bought for each person and not do a repeat gift.  I have from year 2009 list on still stored in my phone. 
It's definitely easy organization and may be the reason I was basically done Christmas shopping by the first of November this year. 
I think next week I'm going to put some gift idea lists together but for now, here is a Ladies Gift Guide and a Guys Gift Guide from last year!


  1. I create an email draft with ideas of gifts for people and then highlight them once I've bought their gift! :) Luckily, I don't have to ship anything.

  2. Google Docs, excel spreadsheet. I have a sheet for holiday card recipients/addresses and a sheet for the gifts I buy. It's a little OCD but it works for me! :)

  3. I'm a slacker! I don't do any of this! I just keep it all in my head! I don't have as many people to buy for these days though.
    We do our parents and nieces and nephews and that's it!

  4. I just write in my email and then keep it as new to remind me. :)

  5. This year, my sister and I started a Google Doc. We can both access the list from our phone, and when people ask what we want, we can share it with them easily. We made another one to include what we've purchased for others. Since we live together, we usually buy lots of presents together as well - it means we can spoil our loved ones a little bit more than if we were going in individually

  6. I neeeed to do this. I haven't even put together a Christmas list for everyone yet!