Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maryland - Days 1 and 2

Last Friday Kevin's parents, Kevin and I flew up to my parents and where I grew up in Maryland. 
Friday afternoon we had lunch at a place called Back Street.  I showed them around town and where I went to school and all that good stuff. 
We had cocktail time with my next door neighbor and they met a bunch of other neighbors in the street. 
That evening we went to my parents Yacht club for dinner!
Side note - Kevin's parents stayed at the local Hampton Inn. 
I awoke to the smell of scrapple.  My favorite.  Also dad makes killer scrambled eggs. 
We headed down to the beach.  First we rode through Assateague in search of wild ponies but there were so many cars, we didn't get to see any. 
Next stop - riding go carts.  The Mom's took pictures.
Kevin cruising in.
Kevin's Dad.
My Dad.
Then we dropped by the local ice cream favorite - Dumsers.  Also happens to be where I worked in high school and during summers in college.
 Then we went into Ocean City, Maryland.  We did a drive by the boardwalk. 
Then we went to Fishtails for lunch. 
Fishtails from the dock looking in.
They have a table like the Maryland flag.
It was essential that we showed Kevin's parents Seacrets.  It's a place that has 20-something bars in it.  It's absolute chaos.  Take a look....
They have seats in the water and also inner tubes you can hang on.  Waitresses come out to you to take your order.
You can also arrive by boat.  These Seacrets shuttles named Tipsy I and Tipsy II bring you in the shallow water. 
 The docks.
Mom can't wait to dance with Kevin at the wedding so she's getting a head start on practicing now.
We headed up the beach to Fenwick Island and took a few pictures.
We had reservations at Fager's just before sunset so we could hear the 1812 Overture.  They play it really loudly in the restaurant as the sun goes down.  It's always perfect timing and on a beautiful evening, it's amazing.  This night was a bit cloudly but still cool for the experience. 
This is a picture of Fager's from their dock.
Kevin and I had our picture taken in this same spot back in 2009.  You can see that here.
One more at Fager's with Kevin's parents.  My parents had gone to get the car. 
It has been so much fun having all 6 of us together.  I can't wait to tell yall about the rest of our trip!  We are flying back today.


  1. What is scrapple? You must share, because I've never heard of it. I know you have had a wonderful time with all 6 of you together. How special to get to share with them where you grew up. XO

  2. love Fenwick island! We have a place in Rehoboth! That bar looks insane..I'll have to go one day!

  3. Yes what is scrapple?? I have never heard of this. Time what family is wonderful glad you enjoyed it

  4. What is scrapple? I have to know!

    It looks like you had such a fun time. How wonderful that your parents get along so well!

  5. Seacrets looks crazy!!! And fun! Glad you had an awesome time.. the pictures are gorgeous! And what is scrapple?! haha :)

  6. How fun that they came up there! How was cocktail hour? ;)
    That Seacrets place looks RIDONKULOUS!!!!

  7. I love OCMD! I used to work for the OC rocket during college :)

  8. Looks like such a fabulous time! xo

  9. Wow, what a great trip, and so fun to get the parents together. Those seats in the water look like such a crazy party! ;)