Monday, August 31, 2009


We had an absolute blast in Maryland. My parents went WAY out of their way and did WAY too much. THANK YOU BOTH!

On Friday, my Dad had set up a visit to the construction site of our new high school. He is on the School Building Commission so he has been overseeing the project. We got a tour by the head superintendent all over the building. It was SO cool. Dad and I asked a ton of questions and Kevin looked at what company made all the building supplies so he could check up on the stocks!

Mom cooked us an amazing dinner on Friday night - crab dip, crab cakes, squash casserole, pretzel salad, coleslaw - YUM! They made sure Kevin had the ULTIMATE eastern shore experience. Mrs. Black (basically my grandmother, but next door neighbor too) came over and we had a big time! Here is Kevin and Mrs. Black - they were twins!

Saturday we went down to the beach for a lil sight seeing. Went to the Marlin weigh-in area.

Of course we had to visit Seacrets so Kevin could have a "Pain in de ass" drink.

Had dinner Fagers. It was gorgeous!!!

Sunday we went back down to Ocean City and hung out on the beach all day. The waves were huge - still left over from the storm! We saw three rescues in just our little area.
The big highlight was picking crabs. Kevin LOVED it and was SO good. He picked two containers of it before I picked one. You would have thought he had been doing it for years!!
Came back to reality early this morning. We have a very busy week before we head to Charleston on Friday for the weekend. I'm in NJ tomorrow and Wednesday for a quick trip. Chaos!

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Suz said...

Looks like yall did have a great weekend! Hope your week is less crazy than you think. Much love!