Monday, September 10, 2012

Low Key Weekend

Friday night we headed to the pool right after work with our neighbors -- always the perfect end of week chill out.  That led to an impromptu evening out in Southend.  We took the train and went to Vinny's, Liberty and World of Beer. 
Saturday I got up, meal planned and ran to the Farmer's Market and Teeter.  My favorite Saturday morning activities.  I just like getting it done on Saturday morning then I have the rest of the weekend. 
I cleaned a lot more on Saturday and moved some things back up to my condo.  Kevin put an offer in on a house for us and I recruited some guy in the lobby to look at my place.  He was in the building seeing other one bedrooms so yall know I went up to him and told him he should be looking at mine.  Haha, he and his realtor did come up and I told him all about Avenue. 
Saturday night Kevin and I walked over to Queen City Q for some bbq.  I worked on sorting some house design stuff from my magazines after that.  Big night!
Sunday morning I prepped things for our grilling out dinner and then went to the pool with our neighbors.  It was really fun except when I got stung by a bee.  I hadn't been stung by a bee since I was like 5 years old and my Mom put a pack of peas on it in the grocery store parking lot!  Anyway, it didn't feel really great but oh well.  Itches a lot now.
We grilled out last night - I did Caprese Chicken, grilled okra and grilled avocados.  We all shared sides - Jenn made a potato thing and coleslaw.  Michael did grilled pineapple.  It was the perfect summer meal and a great way to end the weekend!
Happy Monday!  So excited for these cooler temperatures!


  1. Sounds like a good weekend - I agree, I'm loving this nice cool weather!

  2. Ouch - I'm sorry you got stung by a bee!! I haven't been stung in a long time but I remember how badly it hurt as a kid. You have seriously got to give me some of your cooking skills, you always make awesome food!

  3. Ouch - sorry you got stung by a bee. I'm allergic to yellow jackets so I HATE all bees.

    I love grilling on Sunday evenings. It is the best way to end the weekend!

  4. I like these type of weekends. I got stung by a yellow jacket when in Arkansas but we immeditley put meat tenderizer on it and everything was fine.
    Exciting about the offer on a house!!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! It's hard to believe fall is now on the way. Yay!

    P.S. Thanks for the congrats!! :)

  6. Kevin put in an offer?! How very very exciting! Best of luck with your condo and a potential new home. :)

  7. fun weekend!! isn't this cooler weather amazing?! i am in love. until winter. then i long for summer again :) xoxo