Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Glimpse of the DNC from a local

This whole Democratic National Convention is truly once in a lifetime.  Especially for us because Kevin and I live in a condo building right in the middle of it all.
We got back in from Maryland yesterday and got home from the airport quicker than I ever have before.  We did have to tell the Secret Service that we lived there but it was super easy and they were so nice. 
After unpacking, we headed downstairs to walk around and scope things out.  Hope these pictures give yall a glimpse into living in Charlotte right now!
Lots of people!  Streets blocked off.  Tryon a one way street when it's usually two way.
They set up barricades on the sidewalk so people can't cross mid-block.  Smart.
They turned Vida Mexican Grill into CNN Grill.  Talk about some mulah to make this happen!
MSNBC was broadcasting live from Epicentre last night.  We may have been on TV?!
Pretty cool picture from the 2nd floor of Epicentre. 
We had dinner at Blackfinn.
Checking things out! 
Then we went to Mortimer's.  They were having an event there where anyone could drink or eat for free.  Count us in.  This was a sign they had.  I also met a fellow Chi Omega.  She was so sweet and told us anytime we want to come to Boston, we can stay at her place.  Hilarious! 
Everyone we saw we said hey to and welcomed them to Charlotte.  Why not, right?!   
Then I came back to Kevin's and proceeded to stalk to see what those people are doing at my condo.  I literally hung on his balcony seeing if they'd come outside.  Yall know if I see them on the elevator, I will talk to them.  ;)  I got their names a few days ago so you know I've scoped them out online. 
Yep, that's my bedroom light on behind the balcony railing.  See it on the bottom left corner of the picture?
This morning I set out for an early morning trot.  I never go by myself in the morning because it's super dangerous but this time I felt like it would obviously be very safe.   And I was right!
This is what a pedestrian checkpoint looks like.  You have to show credentials to go further towards the arena where the events are taking place.
I loved doing loops around and seeing all the goings on around town.  I mean when else would I get this chance?!
Even the Ritz used red and blue lighting.
Vehicle checkpoint.  I'm talking hood up, trunks open, secret service and dogs everywhere.
Sand sculpture of nobama.
Homeland Security vehicle.
Special signs were made. 
So far so good with everything DNC related.  Well that is being around uptown during the DNC.  Renting my condo out, well that's a different story for another day this week or next. 
I encourage Charlotte friends to come out and see what everything is about.  It's really a fun thing!  No matter what your political beliefs are, it's all about the experience!
Meanwhile, you can find me wearing red shirts every day this week! ;)


  1. That's soooo cool! So jealous of all my friends at the DNC this week. I can't believe CNN took over a restaurant- I find that strange to be honest. Do they need their own grill. Crazy!


  2. My dad is working the DNC all week and his stories are insane. Hehad to rent a hotel for the whole week because of secuirty it was a nightmare to get home sleep an hour and then get up to get through secuirty and back to work.

  3. So fun that you're getting to experience this all up close! I have no plans to leave my house this week other than for grocery trips and a doctor's appointments. I'll just watch the local news to feel like I'm a part of it :)

  4. Its so neat you're getting to experience everything so close! My dad said things have been crazy. I love how you were stalking your apartment! I would too!

  5. Looks like fun! My parents flew back to Des Moines from Cape Cod yesterday morning and Charlotte was their connecting flight. They said the airport was crazy busy!

  6. So cool! Looks like the Dems are having more luck than the GOPS with the weather!

  7. I love that you get the inside scoop into all of this! I live in Charlotte but I haven't been uptown since the DNC started. I'm staying away on purpose!!

  8. What a cool experience and I love that you had to tell the Secret Service that you lived there. Sounds so important and official.

  9. What a cool thing to experience! I hope things are ok with your condo!

    And love the idea of wearing red!

  10. Love that you are wearing red all week!

  11. I didn't get around to reading blogs last week since I had the week off but this is a fun post!
    Your renters turned out good though..right?