Monday, September 24, 2012

Stephen and Melissa's Wedding

We had a wonderful time at Stephen and Melissa's wedding on Saturday night.  The whole thing took place at Dressler's in metropolitan.  The skyline views are amazing.
Kevin, his fake smile and I at Avenue before cabbing to the wedding.  Yes we cab both ways to most events out of uptown because neither of us will leave our cars at bars or restaurants.  Safety first!
Bridesmaids and two junior bridesmaids
The gorgeous bride walking with her older brother by 10 months.
Amazing right?!  It was the most perfect day for a wedding too!
Wendy, Jen, Dar and Kevin.
Cocktail hour with Charlotte's skyline in the background.
Kev and I ;)
First dance!
Cute picture of Jen, Heather and Dar
Kevin and Josh with Kelli Bartik.  She's the sports gal on one of the news channels.  I can only imagine what they (Kevin!) said to her to get their picture taken.  They are nuts. 
Kevin and I with Josh and Wendy.  I think it was go-time at this point...
But the band was still playing some awesome tunes and it was a dance party!
Congratulations you two!  So excited for yall!
And Wendy who is 13 weeks pregnant drove Kevin, me and her hubby home.  I feel badly that she had to deal with us on the ride haha!  We did have a pit stop at Pita Pit which was essential! 
And yesterday we recovered.
In addition to recovering, we bought a mattress for our new home.  Exciting, right?!   It actually was pretty fun.  We are liking this home stuff.  We got a washer/dryer and toilet seat covers (TMI!) on Friday night.  It's the little things!
Last night I was asleep by 8pm. :)


  1. What a fun weekend! Love your dress - I have a similar one in coral. J.Crew?

  2. HA! Kelli is a good friend of mine!! :)

  3. Such a pretty wedding - Love your dress, that color is pretty on you!

  4. looks like a great time! your dress is gorgeous!

  5. I just adore j.crew bridesmaid dresses, and yours looks gorgeous on you! :)