Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crabs and St. Michaels

Last Sunday in Maryland, we went to church so Kevin's parents could see the church I grew up in.  They liked it I think although it's very different from Southern Baptist.  I'm glad they got to visit Asbury.
That afternoon I showed them the Country Club I grew up going to and I dealt with property management stuff for my condo being rented out.  That's a different story.
That evening we headed to Old Mill to pick crabs.  Oh boy, that was an experience for them to see!  We had fun and they were good sports to deal with us crazy Marylanders picking crabs!
Monday we drove over to Oxford, MD and hopped on the Bellevue-Oxford ferry over to St. Michaels. 
Two of my very favorite guys in the whole world. 
Kevin's Dad crossing the red line on the ferry!
My Pops and I. 
We had all 4 parents go put their heads in these silly things! 
After lunch, we walked around some shops in St. Michaels.  Kevin and I took some bags to the car and we were across the street from our parents.  We said to each other how cool it was that both his parents and my parents were hanging out.  We feel fortunate for their friendships with each other.
That evening we went back to my parents and grilled out for Labor Day.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, broccoli salad, pasta salad and pretzel salad.  Finished it all off with peanut butter Smith Island cake.  Yum!  One of our family friends also came over to hang out with us which was great!
We had a really busy long weekend and were doing something every minute but we had the best time!  Kevin and I cherished every minute with our parents and are so thankful for the memories.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Labor St. Mikes! xx

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Oooh and I LOVE picking crabs. Mmmmm!


  3. we almost went to st. michaels last weekend, but ended up going to solomans island instead!

  4. What a fun little getaway with family!!! That peanut butter cake sounds delish!!