Monday, September 17, 2012

House, Dee's Shower, Out, Lowes

Friday night we went to visit what will hopefully be our new house!  Thanks to your crossed fingers and lots of luck, we won the bidding war on the home!  FINALLY!  Finding a home had been 1.5 years in the making.  Now we are working on lending and selling my condo.  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!
We went to dinner with Kevin's parents that evening and spent the night at their house.  After a yum breakfast that his Mama made, we washed our cars with his Dad then I headed to a baby shower for Dee.  It was at her SIL Robyn's home and was simply gorgeous!

Lots of LSU gear for Shelby!

Blog ladies - Lulu, Me, Dee, April, Sara!
I zipped home that afternoon as Kevin had planned a cookout for us.  Our friends Kim and Jeff came over and brought their cute lil boy Jack.  This is after he had changed into his PJs that evening...adorable!
I think this picture is so cute of Jeff holding Jack on one side of the glass then Kevin with his arm around Kimmy making faces on the other side of the door. 
And Emily and Jay came over and brought George!  Auntie Tara holding him. 
Dave and Jenn also grilled out with us - burgers, dogs, slaw, baked beans, chips.  The usual!
That evening we went to Dillingers and Prohibition (somehow Kevin got us all in free).  Corner Pub was essential or actually not so much but we went anyway.  Haha!

Yesterday we recovered and I did wedding stuff.  That evening after dinner we went to Lowes to see what was in store for us to buy for a house.  Whew - a lot!  Evidently it never ends!  We don't have anything.  Keep in mind we're moving a one bedroom condo into a 4 bedroom house!  Lawn Mower, beds, washer and dryer are some essentials.  The rest we'll get as we go. 
But it was really fun to look at house stuff and the best part - Kevin and I choose the exact same sink and the same tile for a floor and the same washer and dryer.  We agreed on everything.  I was excited about that.  I think for now that our only disagreement is that we will not have a TV over the mantle.  He thinks that is where it should be.  Thoughts ladies?!
We did go look at TV's at Best Buy after our Lowes stop.  Kevin also thinks it's essential to have a 70" TV.  Umm no!  Gotta love boys and their priorities!  


  1. My mom will not allow a tv over the mantle upstairs. Just this summer she gave in for a tv to go over the mantle in the basement/second family room. I think most are putting them over the mantle, but if you can find a better space I would!

  2. So fun all the bloggers attended Dee's shower!

    A new house must be soooo exciting! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. What an adorable shower! How neat all the blog ladies who were there! SO happy for you and Kevin and your house! Fingers crossed that all the final details work out smoothly!

  4. Thanks for coming to the shower! So fun!
    Yes, the house stuff will be never ending.
    Maybe ya'll should register at Lowe's or Home Depot too! I looked into that but not sure how it works!

  5. All the bloggers at the shower is so cool! I WISH I could find other bloggers near me!!

    Love the name Shelby.

    And yay on the new house!! Soooo exciting!


  6. YAY! So exciting! My husband and I found out Friday that we're under contract for our first house too! I'm sure the Lowes people will know us on a first-name basis soon! Have funnnn!

    PS. The blogger pic is really cute! Y'all even color coordinated pretty well!

  7. Yay for your new home! You are going to have so much fun doing things even though it is a lot of work. :) The shower looked cute too!

  8. Haha, I made B settle on a 60" TV! Seriously, 70" is freaking huge!! Unless the wall it's on and the room it's in can handle it, I er on the side of a little smaller, but of course a boy would not ;)

    I would totally sit on the couch and practice looking up to see if it would get on your nerves when watching TV. Or what if you want to lay on the couch and watch....could that still be done if it's above the mantle!?

    Clearly, these are very important things to consider, haha :)

  9. Great seeing you this weekend!

    We compromised ... TV over the mantle in the den (off the kitchen) and no TV over the mantle in the living room (off of the foyer). :)

  10. That is GREAT news about the house!! So happy for y'all!!

  11. So exciting about the new house! I know you are both thrilled. The baby shower looks adorable. You're wearing one of my favorite dresses. :)

  12. Hi! It was so fun to meet you!! I look forward to seeing all the wedding and new house excitement you have in your world!