Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend - Dandelion, Dress, Dinner

Happy Monday and congrats to EAS (Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore) on soon becoming ESW!  How exciting!

I'm almost embarassed to post this awful quality photo from Friday night but what the heck.  Yes our eyes look crazy.  These are ladies from 3 different groups of friends and we all got together with a couple of the guys at Dandelion Friday night.  So fun.  We headed home early because Kristen and I had a long-er run in the morning.
Melissa, Wendy, Me, Jessica, Kristen, Erin
After our run Saturday, I went to order my wedding gown....SO exciting. My friend Kimmy came with me. This is us being silly trying on bridesmaid dresses.  ;)
We had the best time hanging out!

Saturday evening, Kevin's brother and SIL came up with another couple and we all went to dinner and walked around uptown.  We showed them where we are having the wedding and then called it an early night.

Sunday Kevin and I went to Target and got some things done around our condos.  He looked at a lot of real estate, I cooked, ran again and got packed for this week.  Fun fun!

Happy Monday to yall!


  1. What a fun weekend!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the wedding gown!

  2. You are too sweet!!!! I am beyond excited! Congrats on ordering your wedding fun that we are now both engaged at the same time. xx

  3. Yay on the wedding dress ... what an exciting time!

  4. Love those bridesmaid dresses and a huge CONGRATS on finding your dress! :)