Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hanging with my Cousins

I got to stay in Richmond on Monday night with my cousins and 'Hotel Their House' is much better than any other hotel.  I was welcomed with the most adorable banner I've ever seen.  Amelia had spent all day on it.  Loveeeeee.

Laura and I caught up with each other and when Carl got home, we headed out to a local italian restaurant for dinner.  It was so good.  Laura and I had a bottle of wine and it was so nice to spend time with them.  There's nothing better than family.  Jazz Hands!

Amelia wanted me to pose in front of her.  She put her hands on my shoulders.  So cute.

When we got home, I french braided her hair.  I loved that.  She has ringlet's gorgeous.  She says she won't cut it because she'll lose her magic powers...something from a Disney movie.  Her Mama says, "Thanks Disney."  Ha!

She is such a loveable little girl!
We read some bedtime stories including a Fancy Nancy Easter book I brought her.  Then Laura and I stayed up until 2am talking!  We just never stop talking...runs in the fam!  (Her Dad and my Mom are brother/sister)

I jetted off to my meetings outside of DC and then in VA Beach early the next morning.  Definitely a quick trip but I'm always thankful to see friends and family when I'm on the road.  Thanks again yall for having me!


  1. What a cute little girl! I can just see it in her face how sweet she is!

  2. What a sweet visit! She is just precious and that banner ... sigh. So cute.

    I think I have that same red wrap sweater you are wearing in the dinner pic - is it from Ivy & Leo or Julie's?

  3. It is always better than any hotel to stay with loved ones. Such a sweet visit, and how nice to be so close with your cousin and her family.

    Cheers to Friday tomorrow!

  4. What a cutie!! New to your blog and excited to read more!

  5. What a fun visit!! I love your jacket/cardigan in the picture at the restaurant!