Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Live Up North

Lately I feel like I live up north.  I think I've traveled every week since Thanksgiving.  Thank you work, I do truly love you.  But I also love my bed, my condo, oh and Kevin too! :)

Mom was here for the weekend and I was able to schedule my trip to cruise back up to Maryland with her.  I can't remember the last time we had flown together.  Maybe when I was a lil girl?!  Anyway, we had fun.  And Mom got to use her phone as her boarding pass for the first time...she's so in.

I was also able to stay at Hotel My Parent's House.  Much better than a Hilton.  There is something about being home home....even for the 12 hours I was there.  I miss it.  A lot.

We went over to one of my Mom and Dad's friends new home on the water.  Look at the view she has...breathtaking.  Check out the sunset reflection on the water.

One of my favorite parts of being home home is waking up to the smell of scrapple.  I think I've talked about scrapple on my blog before.  Raise your hand if you love it.  I do!  And my Dad's cheesy eggs.  Indulgence.  Nothing better.  Mom and Dad always get up to make breakfast, such a treat.

Then I got on the road and drove drove drove.  Happened to drive right through DC on the way to my site.  Yes I took this picture as I was driving.  It turned out well I think.

My favorite part of a trip...landing in Charlotte.  Always glad to be back.  The City skyline was gorgeous last night so I illegally took a picture out the window when my 'electronics' shoulda been off.
Happy Hump Day.  (even though I keep feeling like today is Thursday)


Dee Stephens said...

All you gals who travel all the time for work.. I commend you. I couldn't do it.
It's okay every now and then but it's really hard to have a life when all you are doing is repacking.
Love that picture of the monuments!
BTW - got your Twitter message. No wonder you want to stay on the couch Sunday! With all your travels I would too!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

The pic your mom is so cute...I can see my mom being very excited too! xx

Miss Southern Prep said...

That's so nice that you got to stay with your parents! I know it's not the same, but I love coming home from college on breaks, because they always make me the best meals and treat me like a princess! I bet it's so nice to be home, though! Hope you have a relaxing rest of the week!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Home is the best hotel for sure!! That river view is'll have to go back and visit in the summer!

DMH said...

Semi-new follower here. Hotel home is the best! Mine is in Maryland, too, and I love when I can stay there. I love the occasional scrapple indulgence, but I thought it was an Eastern Shore / Delmarva thing only! Good to know there are scrapple fans all over. Something funny--I have the same dishes as your parents!

Lexilooo said...

Stop and say hi the next time you're in DC!

Michelle said...

You should frame that pic of the water! Gorgeous!!

Coming home is always the best, whether from work or even vaycay!

My days are off, too! Is this the longest week every or what!?