Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gifts and House Mode

I feel like by Thursdays I always have a million thoughts going through my head so here we go:

 - Got my taxes done this morning.  Met my CPA on the side of the road to give him an original signature.  Glad to get that chunk of change back.  Wedding!!! :)

 - I have lots of birthdays and baby showers coming up so I'm working ahead to purchase all the gifts.  I do not function well when I have things to buy.  I don't like waiting until the last minute....yes I'm crazy. 

 - So tell me - what is one gift you would LOVE to have?  What is one thing your boy would LOVE to have?  We could all use some new ideas!   

 - I have things for Kevin's birthday in February (next week) but I just don't feel like I have done anything special for him.  I hate this feeling.  Can't compare to the surprise trip to California last year.  Do you all have any ideas?

 - Finally getting caught up with my life and work this week.  Feels so good to regroup and get settled.  Don't you hate that feeling of being disorganized and nothing getting done?

 - I'm in super "I need a house mode" this week.  Mom and I rode around some neighborhoods in Charlotte this past weekend and she liked one down south that Kevin has been looking for houses in.  When I went to my parents in Maryland this week and saw the amount of china, stuff I've been taking there over the years for storage and a couple pieces of furniture, I think we need a bigger house than I originally thought.  Ha!


  1. My 'go to' gift for new Mom's was a suggestion from another blogger.
    I order LL Bean totes with the family name on them then stuff it full of 'baby stuff'.
    Everyone totally loves it and they end up using it as a diaper bag.

  2. I would love to have some cute new earrings. They make me smile and it's an affordable gift.

    For baby's I give monogrammed bloomers for girls, children's books and same as Dee- a monogrammed boat tote (i give that for everything actually).

    For your boy-A shutterfly album with your fave pics and top 25 things you love about him.

  3. For babies, I love monogrammed gifts and new Moms love it esp if its their 2nd or 3rd child because usually those kids get the first born's handy-me-down toys and clothes.

    For the boy, I get Zach experiences so like a coupon saying, "A day long hike" or "Concert at the Fillmore", but I always put an experation date so we can sure to make time for it.

  4. wow you sound busy! I actually like buying gifts last minute to, the pressure makes me decide what I want to buy faster!

  5. Last year, for Steve's birthday, I threw a beer tasting party. I asked friends to bring an assorted six-pack of different beers (Whole Foods, World Market, etc- nothing from the grocery store) and we tasted them all and voted on our favorites. It was a lot of fun!

  6. I taking the husband on a local brewery tour, should be fun!

  7. A gift certificate for a manicure from a girlfriend is always an AWESOME gift ... especially if she joins me for a mani date!

  8. I have a feeling Kevin is sort of like Bryce and has pretty much everything? It can make gift-giving tough! What I'm doing for him is an oyster themed basket--I'm just getting started collecting things (his birthday is at the end of March), but I'm putting things like an Oyster coffee table book, oyster bow tie, I designed a canvas that says "THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER", hot sauce, etc! I think gift baskets like these are fun because you can do a lot centered around a theme of something your man (or anyone your giving a gift to) loves!

  9. I need to finish my taxes this weekend. Fingers crossed I get a check after having bought a condo and do not have to pay AGAIN!

    It seems like all the best people were born this month...:)

  10. For Matt's birthday this year....he and a few friends went to Asheville and went on a Brews Cruise. It was a bus tour of a couple local breweries. You could do that and stay at Grove Park or the Inn at Biltmore. Then you could tour Biltmore. There are tons of amazing places to eat up there too!

    For babies I love anything with monograms. Piggy banks, bibs, clothes. For my O I love them but try to be mindful when I buy her clothes that I could get potentially another kid to wear them too. So I don't buy monogrammed stuff for her myself.....but I sure love them as gifts!

  11. I wanted to comment last week but something wasn't letting me. Anywho, I'm loving vintage toys as gifts for the 1-3 year olds. One-of-a-kind, super cute and collectable for the little one's. I'm always going to etsy to see what's new (vintage of course) there. As for wedding gifts I love etsy as well. Loving the handmade pottery with a special quote or some of the serving trays there.

  12. I love baby socks as gifts as they're adorable and something that my friends have told me they forget to buy. One of my most memorable birthday gifts was a "scavenger hunt" of sorts from the bf a few years ago. He put together a follow the steps direction sheet and had envelopes to open along the way (giftcard for starbucks, book to read on the metro, etc.) ending at a salon for a spa day! You could do something similar ending at a golf course or wherever Kevin would love to go. xoxo