Thursday, February 16, 2012

Suz's Green and Brown Baby Shower

On Sunday we threw Suz a baby shower to celebrate her sweet twins - a boy and a girl!  We simply had the best time!

We had it in Raleigh at a clubhouse of a friend of a friend.  It was the perfect spot.  I thought a lot of you may be looking for baby shower or wedding shower food and ideas so I took lots of pictures.  Our friend Jessica made the most adorable wreath and I completely forgot to take a picture of it.  It was green with brown polka dots and had the letter B on it which is the first letter of Suz's last name. 

This was the little table you saw right when you walked in.  It has the invitation framed (thanks again to Jessica), mini cupcakes from Gigi's, flower arrangement, favors (lil bags tied with a ribbon full of reese's cups - Suz's fav) and some plates/napkins for the dessert. 

This is the room decorated.  Kelly made the cutest "Welcome Babies" sign and we had a few balloons.  I'm not huge on balloons but these filled up the space so well.  We arranged the chairs for everyone so the guests all had a place to sit and eat and watch her open gifts. 

Also you'll see above in the middle on the coffee table Kelly made the cutest little basket with "Books" on it.  Everyone brought a book for the babies and stuck it in there.  And of course a little flower arrangement to go with it!  The other circle things are a little conversational game that has to do with baby stuff in case anyone wanted to do that. 

Onto the drinks and food.  This is called The Party Punch and it was the most amazing thing.  Highly recommend for your next partay!  We thought you could even add champagne and it'd be great.

Here is the food table. 

We served a veggie tray, fruit kabobs, pitas and spinach artichoke dip, chicken salad on mini rolls and pimento cheese sandwiches on white and wheat bread (the triangular ones with no crust). 

We also had two pitchers of water - one with lemons and one with limes. 

We think most everyone liked everything!  It was a good variety and pretty easy!

Suz with her Mom and Nana!

We did play at little game before she opened gifts.  Everyone had to cut a ribbon the length they thought would go around Suz's pregnant belly, whoever was closest won.  Her Nana won!  It was cute!
Suz's sister in law made these amazing cloth diaper wreaths!  Talk about talent!

Suz also received an owl blanket homemade!  Love special gifts like this. 

And the cutest little owl hats.  Can you tell we were Chi O's with all the owls?

The onesie says, "my moms a chi omega...what super powers does yours have?"  Our friend Kim gave that to her!

All the Chi O's and all of her owl gifts!

The hostesses with our guest of honor - Beth, Cheryl, Suz, Me, Kelly

The babies are loved!  Can you tell?!  The hostesses gave her the playyard and a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft.  We thought Mama needed something for herself too! ;)

Suz, we can't wait until they arrive!  They'll be here before we all know it!


  1. How cute! Everything looks so cute, those diaper wreaths did take talent, for sure :)

  2. Love those diaper wreaths!! And I totally bought that same Chi O onesie for one of my sisters!! Love it!

  3. super cute! Love the punch bowl and I'm checking out the punch recipe!

  4. I'm going to save that punch recipe. You all are great hostesses!

  5. WOW - what a great party - and that spread! The baby shower phenomenon is JUST taking off here - but it will take people light years to get as slick as that! :)

  6. Everything looks so nice!! The food looks amazing!

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  8. so much fun! I've been to the baby showers of older cousins and can't wait for the day when it'll be my friends!

  9. Looks great--that menu sounds fabulous and having guests bring books is one of my favorite shower ideas! I also love that y'all threw in a gift card to Loft for the mama!

  10. yummy! looks perfect! i'm sure she was thrilled. wish i could have made it, would love to have seen you.

  11. I mentioned you today on TCSK!!! Happy Friday. Xoxo-BLC

  12. So fun - it looks like it was a huge success!! Have a happy and relaxing weekend!


  13. Thank you so much B! The shower was perfect! The babies & I appreciated it so much.

    I just posted about it too ~

    Much love!