Monday, February 20, 2012

NOLA Recap - Secret Event and Meeting Trish!

Kevin was lucky enough to win another trip and it just so happened to be back to New Orleans.  Literally he is the only one in the country that went there back to back.  So random but we didn't complain!  We went last Wednesday and returned to Charlotte Friday night.

When we arrived we were taken back to The Roosevelt (Waldorf Astoria).  We got the ole free upgrade to a suite...SO nice.  Then we attended a welcome reception including these fun drinks and lots of tasty appetizers.

We met up with some other folks that are also agents in the southeast and went to check out the oldest bar in America - Lafittes.  They are famous for their grain alcohol cherries.  Yes we all tried one.  Gross!

The next morning Kevin had a couple hour morning work session and I set out for a great run around the city.  I scoped out areas we hadn't been the last time we were there and got to see numerous things.  Loved running right down where all the Mardi Gras parades are held. 

Kevin and I walked around that afternoon and saw this guy jumping over these people.  It was crazy.  And super touristy.

Thursday night we had a "special event" but noone would tell us what we were doing.  It was all top secret.  Coach buses picked us up and we ended up at this warehouse that holds some of the Mardi Gras floats that were going out on Saturday.  Some were still under construction but most were complete.  It was unreal. 

We walked all over the museum during the cocktail hour.  This one was Board of Education taken for my Mama, SIL and teacher friends!

And we posed in front of some...

This was under construction...

The detail and work that goes into these floats is unbelievable. 

And as if that wasn't enough, we were lead out of the warehouse and around another building to an entrance that had a sax player and a guy on stilts.  We entered and saw this...

It is a mansion that has this big outdoor area in front.  Well you think you're outdoors but it is actually a big cover that looks exactly like a sky.  They even have big fake trees that look so real you wouldn't know they were fake unless you're crazy like me and check them out in detail. 

And they had this area that looked like you were at another bar called Moonshine Bar & Grill.  There was a great band playing!

They had 2 open bars and 4 food stations including - jambalya, crawfish etoufee, roast beef and pulled pork.  Delish. 

Some friends we made down there.  Funny story about the taller guy - he is brothers with a guy I knew in college.

The next morning I had special plans to meet Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover.  Yall she is so sweet and adorable, I just loved her!  She had plans for us to go to Sucre but they weren't there any more so we went with the trusty Starbucks.  We completely forgot to take a picture...ahhhhhh!  She was so thoughtful and brought me all of these Mardi Gras goodies!  So sweet.  Can't wait for you to come to Charlotte!!!!  :) 

Then we were off to the airport and back to Charlotte for the weekend which I recaped yesterday!  Fabulous trip!  Thank you again to Trish for your hospitality and welcoming us to your stomping grounds.  xo


  1. looks un believable!!! love that fake outdoor place =]

  2. Looks like so much fun! Very cool that you got to see all of those floats. And the inside that looks like outside sounds amazing. We saw those street dancers before, too, where a guy did a flip over all of those people. Super fun meeting Trish!!

  3. What a fab week end! New Orleans must be fascinating - I would go for the food and bourbon alone!

  4. That's so cool you got to meet another blogger! sounds like such a cool experience! I've always wanted to go to New Orleans.

  5. What a fun weekend--I would love to get an up close look at all those cool floats. Also, super jealous you met Trish, she seems so sweet!

  6. While I was in NOLA I went to the warehouse that housed some of the mardi gras floats too. Wasn't it so much fun! I thought the details on the floats was simply amazing. xo

  7. Wow, what a fun trip and I love the picture of you in your sequined top/dress and Kevin. That mansion looks unbelievable. ;)