Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pinteresting Wedding Flowers

I've been on a flower roll this past week after we selected Lynette from The Bloom Room to do our wedding flowers.  Can't wait to work with her - she is just too fun!  Thank you to Christina for your recommendation!

I cleaned up my pinterest flower board and took off what I didn't like and put some more on.

I'm all about some peonies, hydrangeas and maybe some tulips.  I definitely want my bouquet to be mostly white but with some light color so it pops against my dress in pictures. 

Mom is the queen of determining the flowers at the end of the day and she has got a keen eye as a formal Garden Club member! ;)  She is picky about what the flowers are in as well, not just any ole vase my friends.  (and not the below picture either)

We definitely would like some whites, light blushes and light corals in the flowers.  I think they'll pair well with emerald bridemaids dresses.  ;)

I just think this arrangement is cool.  No mom, not for us, I just like it and some of height on the flowers!  Haha!

Please guide me to any flower inspiration I may have missed! 


  1. These are all gorgeous! The last pic if the centerpiece with tall vases is my favorite! Pinterest provides the best inspiration! Would love to have you link this post up for Bridal Talk Tuesday today on my blog!

  2. I like height on some of the tables. It brings the eye up and it makes a statement!
    That's what I did too because I didn't spend the extra $$ of fancy chairs and linens.

  3. I love the colors you've chosen! I think they will look beautiful with your white dress and your bridesmaids' dresses.

    I am always drawn to really southern, antique looking vessels -- mint julep cups, scrolly urns, etc.

    Flowers were an area that I decided to reduce my budget, so I didn't get too crazy with them but I did love the eventual outcome - tall arrangements with big round poufs of alternating white babys breath and white hydrangea.

    You can see them in this pic: http://alizadventures.blogspot.com/2011/08/wedding-week-reception-decor.html

  4. Emerald?! Gorgeous! I'm sure the color will look fabulous on everyone and next to you with your fabulous red hair. Love all of the flower choices and the idea of mainly white with a few pops of color. ;)

  5. love your color choices! very gorgeous and classic.

  6. wow -- gorgeous! love the arrangements in the last picture especially.