Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catch Up Post

I'm glad to catch up a little bit today as the past few weeks have been beyond insane.  Kevin told me one day early last week that he was stressed watching me.  Oops.  All has been fun though!

Here are a couple events I haven't gotten a chance to post about.  I had wine with Dee, Sara and April at Nolen Kitchen for about an hour a couple Monday's ago.  Thanks to Sara for setting this up!

Last weekend I also had the honor of attending my friend Emily's baby shower!  She and Brett are expecting a baby boy in early April.  They are still trying to think of names.  Any suggestions?!
Hope you all are having a nice weekend! 

We returned from New Orleans this past Friday night.  My friend Kim and her hubby Jeff stayed with me that night.  They needed a grown up night out....their first since Jack was born 3 months ago.  I hope they had fun!  They left early the next morning to get back to him.

Saturday I had a birthday brunch at my friend Courtney's.  She was a sorority sister in college and has always been super sweet to include me in her Charlotte friends!  I also met another blogger which is always fun!  Her name is Caitlin and she writes Healthy Tipping Point.

Saturday afternoon Kevin and I drove tons of neighborhoods in south Charlotte and got ideas on types of neighborhoods we like and what style of home we are interested in.  AKA we drove around for FIVE hours and said, "I like this" "Ewww" "Love that" "Foul" "Umm let's move there tomorrow" etc. etc. etc.!  So now we need to sell one of our condos to get on with this house purchasing!

We had dinner with his parents at the cutest little place in their hometown.  They have the best french onion soup.  Then we went back to their house and hung out with them and caught up.  We always have fun being with them!

It's cold and rainy here in Charlotte so I have a brisket in the crock pot...I'm interested to see how it turns out since I've never made one before.  If it tastes good, I'll post the recipe!

I'm on the road the next few days but I'm still going to try to post about our trip to New Orleans.  It was spectacular!