Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Updates

Hmmm why not talk wedding?!  It's Wednesday!  Here are some fun updates:

1.  As I mentioned, I ordered my dress on Saturday.  It made it all seem so real!

2.  I worked more on bridesmaids dresses but that is a work in progress.  I like the Lula Kate Chandler which I've been obsessed with forever and a Coren Moore dress but I'm trying to get the color right and decide from there.  Who knew Emerald was so many different colors?!  PS - both designers have been FAB to work with.

3.  Mom and I decided that the church doors may not need any flowers or anything.  Sounds good to me.

4.  I picked out tuxes at Men's Warehouse and Jos A Bank.  Jos A Bank was cheaper!  Standard black with a bow tie of course! ;)

5.  Kevin and I decided not to do the whole bouquet toss and garter.  Really there is no point.  Most of our friends are married! 

6.  Lots of details roll through my head on a daily basis like....what will I get for the folks that throw us a shower?  What will I use to put cards in at the reception (PS - any cute ideas for this?)?  I'm crazy yall!

7.  I told Dad to pick the song he and I will dance too.  He said he's already picked it but he doesn't know if he'll be at the wedding or able to dance to it.  Haha!  Kinda sorta daddy's lil girl!

8.  Is it weird that I want everything done like by this summer?  I want to even print the programs (which I won't).  I know, I'm OCD. 

9.  Okay I should stop!  But, it's just so fun! 

10.  PS - Kevin is house hunting for us big time!!!  ;)  I will hopefully sell my condo and move to his condo.  He will move into the house.  We won't live together until married.  Call us old fashioned! ;)


  1. We used an old bird cage that my SIL found at a consignment store for cards at our reception. She spray painted it a pretty brushed nickle & added ribbon! It looked great!!

    Good luck house hunting!! How exciting!

  2. People still DO the garter thing?? It just always seemed so out of place and slutty for such a family- and love-oriented celebration. Glad you're opting out :)

  3. We didn't do the tosses either. For shower hosts I sent big nice flower arrangements to their houses the next day or Monday. Something from your florist. I spent $100 a host

  4. I was going to suggest a birdcage as well for cards, I love the look of it as it's a mini decoration in itself. An idea for those throwing the shower that my friend used--gift certificates for manicures/a massage, or a relaxation gift basket for relaxing after the party is over.

    I can't wait to hear about the houses Kevin finds! So many exciting things happening. :)

  5. I'm not even at your wedding and I thank you for no bouquet toss. I told my sister if she played "All the Single Ladies" at the bouquet toss I would disappear for the rest of the night.

  6. I'm the same way! I'm SUCH a planner and don't like things on my to-do list that I had everything done months before the wedding. However, it helped me keep my sanity closer towards the day!

  7. this all is SO fun!! we did the shabby chic birdcage for cards too, loved it!

    didn't do the garter, but did do the bouquet toss -- since i had lots of single friends at the time.

    so exciting about your dress -- can't WAIT to see it! xox

  8. Wooo you got your dress!!
    I will definitely be the same way when I'm engaged... I will want everything planned ASAP!

  9. I love these random updates on your wedding!! You're so thoughtful and have such wonderful taste I know everything will work itself out!