Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogger Dinner with the Guys

Sorry for the late post today.  This morning, I flew up to Maryland to see my Mom at Hopkins.  Hopefully she gets released tomorrow and we'll be going "home-home!"
On Friday night we went to Vivace for dinner!  It's in the midtown area of Charlotte, just outside of uptown.  I love it for it's atmosphere (we sat out on the patio) and how it has skyline views - you can see in the above picture. 

From L to R - my (real life) friend Lauren and her bf Andrew, Dee (Dee's Adventures) and Brad, Kevin and I, and Lauren (Adventures of a Southern Newlywed) and Thomas.  We missed you April (A. Liz Advenutres)!  She has this thing called a wedding going on in a few weeks so she's just a TAD busy! ;)

We had all met before but hadn't introduced any of the blogger guys.  It was fun getting together with you ladies and having a nice dinner out!


  1. Totally fun! Let's plan for another time!

  2. sending prayers to your mother!

  3. How fun! Glad that you had a great time :)

    Hope your mom gets to come home tomorrow too!

  4. Such a cute idea :)

    I wish I lived closer to some of my fav bloggers!

  5. Love it!! The next time I'm in Charlotte we are most definitely meeting up!