Friday, May 20, 2011

Travel and Stressed? Here's my advice...

My top 5 pieces of advice on how to not get stressed when you travel for work during the week and for fun on the weekends or just a lot of travel in general:

1.  Plan ahead with regard to cards, gifts and errands.  Make sure you get all of those done the month or two prior to when you know you're going to be traveling a lot.  I use my lunch time to run lots of errands.  One tip my Mom does is she fills out all of her cards to mail that month and puts the date on the top right corner of the envelope then when it's ready to mail she puts a stamp over the date and out it goes.  I order all of my gifts months in advance so there is plenty of time for them to get here and I have time to get them to the person. 

2.  Don't pack until the day of for work.  It makes me feel like I'm not leaving until right before I drive to the airport.  If I pack the night before, it makes me feel like I'm leaving then and the trip has already started.  Also, when you get home...unpack right away.  That way nothing is lingering around your home and you already feel back to normal.   

3.  Keep all of your liquids packed in a quart sized bag all the time.  Since I fly most every week and sometimes twice a week, I keep everything mostly packed.  I take the usual stuff everywhere then when we travel for fun, I add in some things.  Keep things like a toothbrush, lint roller and deo in your suitcase so it's always there and you don't have to remember to pack it. 

4.  Pack all black or all brown outfits.  Bring things that all match so you don't have to bring 10 pairs of shoes.  I also bring a standard black or brown and white cardigan wherever I go.  They are great to thrown on when necessary and always complete an outfit.

J. Crew Jackie Cardigan - essential to life.

5.  Pack certain outfits for each thing you're doing while on your trip.  That way, it is easy peasy when you're out of town to figure out what to wear that day.  The hard part is already over, you've already decided when you packed.  Also, it eliminates bringing way too many things.  Of course don't forget to pack extra underwear and I typically always bring an extra shirt that is versatile (AKA, can dress up or down).
J. Crew Silk Casbah Blouse


  1. I have to unpack right away or it drives me insane!

  2. Great tips! I'm horrible about unpacking right away, but the longer I leave it, the more of a chore it becomes! I also need to work on packing outfits..I have a tendency to throw a bunch of tops and bottoms in a bag and then try to make outfits when I get wherever I'm going which is not always good! I also love that card idea from your mom!!

  3. Haha the J. Crew Jackie cardigan is totally essential to life! I have so many of those! Great tips!

  4. These are SUCH great tips!! I always do the cardigan thing, too!! They can be worn with anything!