Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dress for a Wedding

Sorry for no post yesterday, in the morning I flew to VA Beach for a couple meetings and back last night.  Today I'm trying to regroup (AKA figure out if there are enough hours in the day) and we're going to Boston with Kevin's parents for the long weekend tomorrow.  So excited!

Last week I was looking for a dress to wear to a wedding in Boston this weekend.  Well let's be honest, I didn't really neeeeed a new one but I'm so tired of wearing the same ones.

So I called the Gretchen Scott store in Jupiter, FL and she sent me this Silk Crepe Tang Dress.  SOOOO cute but it didn't fit me right.  What a bummer.  But how fun is it?  Love it for something different!
Today at lunch I'm on the hunt for a dress.  If I find one, great, if not, I'll wear one I already have and maybe accessorize it differently or something.  I usually wear the J. Crew bridesmaids dresses to weddings (as a guest). 

Where is your go-to 'wear to a wedding' dress shop? 


  1. Cute dress, have a great time! You'll love Boston!

    My go-to 'wear a wedding' dress store is Nortstrom.

  2. Do you have a Black House White Market near you? (is that the name of it?!) I've found several cute things in there, and often on sale!

  3. I really don't have a "go to" dress for weddings. I do tend to change it up, and just try my best to avoid the color the bridesmaids are wearing. Have you ever seen that happen? How awkward :-o

  4. What a cute dress...sorry it didn't fit quite right. I adore the detailing around the neck :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  5. That's a cute dress, but sorry that it didn't fit right :( I don't have a go-to wedding wear shop, but I've read that several bloggers had great success with Rent-the-Runway dresses for weddings. Could be an option :)

  6. i'm also a big jcrew bridesmaid dress fan for weddings! their dresses are fabulous and great for any occasion.
    i also agree with the person who said white house/black market!

  7. I've ogled over that Gretchen Scott dress for a while now! I bought one of her tunics last summer in a little boutique and then found her website-- love all the dresses! And I love those J. Crew dresses, so I'm sure you'll look good in whatever you choose!