Tuesday, May 24, 2011

VANELi Shoes

I've been preaching to my girlfriends about VANELi shoes for months now so it's about time I share them with you!

Awhile ago I was in a local boutique called Monkees and they were having a killer sale.  I tried these on and they were simply perfect for work.  Classic, not too high and comfortable. 

Of course I ended up buying them - they were almost 75% off!  Yall - right out of the box, I wore them all day long. 
I've mostly seen these at small boutiques but Zappos has them on their website

When you see these next, be sure to try them on!  You won't regret!

What are your favorite kind of classic work heels?


  1. I agree. Van Eli is one of the best brands out there.
    Comfortable is why I choose them.

  2. My mom is a Vaneli LOVER. She wears a size 4 shoe (really!) and they are one of the few brands that carries her size. They last her a long time and are extremely good quality! (PS - Marmi @ South Park carries Vaneli!)

    I don't spend a lot of money on shoes, so my go-to place for shoes is Off Broadway here in Charlotte. Their Michael Shannon line always has great styles that are trendy, comfy, and $50 or less.

  3. i wll have to keep Vaneli in the back of my mind since I hate wearing heels but love the way they look! Also--don't you just love Monkee's!?

  4. Vaneli is one of our best sellers at Tassels! The cut the size 4 and narrows too!

    p.s. great new styles coming for the fall:)