Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the Pink - Boston's Lilly shop!

Thanks for yall's sweet comments on my Lilly Adelson shift for the wedding!  It was SO comfortable and I can wash it at home, instead of paying $15 to get it dry cleaned like I do most dresses I wear to weddings....woohoo!!

While we were in Boston on Newbury Street, it was essential to stop by "In the Pink" to check out some Lilly goodies!

Let me tell yall - those ladies were the sweetest ever and were so kind to even look up a pair of jeans I ordered from their big sale in March that I never got.  They completely went out of their way for me.

Best part of shopping in Massachusetts -- no sales tax!  Hello 8.25% savings!

I left with the Heather Tank in Worth Blue, Callahan Shorts in Poplin Printed, Lana Top Slub in Ginger Orange (peachy) and the Savana Shawl Cotton in White.

Lilly's tanks and tees are the most comfortable and flattering tees I own.  The shorts are going to be so fun for this summer.  I love the Lana top because it is a little different and has some pizazz on the sleeve. 

The cotton shawl is going to be great for the summer too because I don't know about yall but I go through some white cardigans.  And best part about this shawl is that it's cotton so I can wash it!  As you can tell, I'm all about things that don't have to be taken to the dry cleaners!  The price point is just right too.

I'm so excited to come away with these fabulous pieces and the ladies at In the Pink were so sweet.  Now I'll always remember I got these things on our trip to Boston.  So fun!  Don't yall love getting things on a trip and then you'll always remember when you got them?!


  1. I'm big on buying clothing on trips because most likely no one else will have them! Cute stuff!

  2. I'm so jealous of those Callahan shorts!! I love that print and have been eyeing them for a while now!

  3. Girlie, you racked up!! Congrats on the shopping success :)

  4. What fun! Love your picks. I'm headed to my local Lilly this weekend - a gift card is burning a hole in my pocket :)

  5. Fun buys! That Lana top is really cute. I agree that Lilly tops & tanks are the best. :)

  6. Great finds! I love Boston. It's so close yet we don't get there often. I'll have to pop by the shop next time we're in the city.