Friday, May 27, 2011

A.Liz and Speed Street

Today is the start of A.Liz's (April's) wedding weekend!

Everyone go wish her a happy weekend full of amazing memories and good times!  She put her wedding inspiration photos up this week so you'll enjoy seeing those too!

Won't she be a gorgeous bride?!

Last night, Tara, Emily and Lauren came over to my house and we grilled some hot dogs on our 10th floor deck.  We hung out and then walked over to Speed Street.  This is the festival that NASCAR/Charlotte throws for when the race is in town.  They have bands lined up and a big street festival.  It lasts for Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the big race on Sunday.

Needless to say, it brings out the classiest folks in the south!  Take for example this tattoo - "I'm magically delicious"  Seriously?!!!!!  Oh my. 
Anyway, we were all ready to hear Pat Green but at the last second (even after sound checks) they canceled it and told everyone to go home immediately.  Evidently a tornado had touched down about 30 minutes west of Charlotte.  We went to Molly's then to my place and had a lil tornado party!  Some others met us at my hosue so we had a big time.

Tonight is the Josh Turner concert and I'm really excited about this one.  I just think Josh is  A good ole country boy!  Don't worry, Kevin knows that he's my other boyfriend! ;)
Hope yall have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and be safe if you're traveling!


  1. That tattoo, wow! Verry nice. A hot dog sounds really good right now. Is that weird? It is only 8:10 in the morning. Have a great weekend!

  2. I tried getting pictures of the rednecks a few years ago but I felt obvious! LOL! We will be down here tonight too.
    Meeting a group of people. Send me your cell and we'll text and maybe we can meet up at some point!

  3. That tattoo is too funny/gross. You took a picture of it so your tattoo artist can recreate it on your back right?

  4. Sounds like you have such a fun weekend! I am jealous that you get to hear Josh Turner. That will be awesome! We are chilling at home this weekend. Lauren, Adelaide and I are getting ready for your trip to NYC next week. Can't wait! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. I went to speed street yesterday to see Clay Walker! It's fun to go but it's definitely an experience.. I saw plenty of people with "cool" tattoos like the one you showed - it can get a little sketchy sometimes at those things!

  6. Josh Turner! how fun! hope you had a good weekend!

  7. Josh Turner--yes please!! Such a hottie, hehe! Sounds like a fun weekend despite the tornado warnings!

  8. You are TOO. SWEET. - I just saw this post! Thanks for the shout-out, you are awesome. :) Can't wait to share pics!