Monday, May 9, 2011

Benny's Birthday and Mother's Day

Did yall have an exciting weekend?  Why are they always so short?

On Friday night Kevin and I had a lil date night which included homemade pizzas, looking at some investment properties he's interested in and TCBY for some yogurt.  It was nice to just be together and hang out!

Saturday we layed by the pool and hung out with some neighbors for dinner.  Then we took a cab out to the Thirsty Beaver for Benny's birthday get together.  Well his name is Ben but I call him Benny.  He was one of my first friends at NC State.  Remember a few weeks ago when I had gone on a top secret mission?  It was to help him look at rings for his girl Jackie.  Oh what fun that was!  He proposed a couple wees ago in Jamaica!  They are such a nice couple....we love them! 

Here are some party pictures at the Beaver.  This bar is what you call a hole in the wall.  It is so great because of it though!  L to R - Lauren, Andy, Emily, me, Jackie, Tara, Kevin

Brad and Tom came to see us.  Brad is one of Kevin's oldest friends too....they go back a lonngggggg time.

Below is Kevin and I with the happy couple!  We had a good time celebrating Benny's birthday.
Yesterday we went to Kevin's parents house (about 45 minutes south of Charlotte) to grill out for Mother's Day.  Kevin's sis in law fixed banana pudding and I made baked beans and coleslaw.  It was nice to spend it with his Mama!  Kevin and his brother both gave her hanging baskets!  It was funny that they got her the same thing but they were all gorgeous! 

Hope you all had nice weekends!


  1. Good times. Yes, the Beaver is always fun.

  2. I haven't been to the Thirsty Beaver yet! But did you catch the Real Housewives of ATL episode where Kim & Kandi went there?! Hilarious!!!

  3. That sounds like a fun weekend! Homemade pizzas are the best and how fun to help your friend pick out the engagement ring!

  4. Sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend! And what fun to help pick out an engagement ring for your friend's girlfriend! We had an amazing weekend with it being graduation and Mother's Day! Can't believe that Adelaide has graduated!!!
    Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Glad that you had a fun weekend :)

    I'm really jealous that you have a TCBY near you! I've been craving frozen yogurt like crazy lately, and the closest TCBY is at least 45 minutes away!

  6. Just wanted to let you know I'm awarding you in my post tomorrow..I'll be away from the computer most of the day, so I waned you to know so you can be sure to check it out!

  7. What a fun weekend! I love homemade pizzas, they are so yummy! That is so sweet that you got to help your friend pick out an engagement ring! I bet it's beautiful!