Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dora and Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday I get an email that says, "Please send to Anna Kate." 

Attached is the above picture - Dora and Kevin.

Dora was at the shop next door to his agency so he went over to take these pictures.  And he knows how much Anna Kate loves Dora.  So we sent them to Emily (my SIL) and she said Anna Kate couldn't stop smiling - Kevin and Dora in one picture! 

Then of course he had to have another one of just Dora waving to Anna Kate!  Haha!!!  It's the little things, friends!

Today, I'm flying back to Charlotte from my parents house.  I'm sad to leave my parentals but glad to get back.  I need to get things done at home and in the office before traveling most of next week too.

This is a weird fact back Kevin and I have never seen each other on Cinco de Mayo.  The first year, I was on a work trip and last year, Kevin was in Atlanta training with Allstate.  Pretty funny!

What are yall doing to celebrate tonight?  Cooking in or going out?


  1. I'm not a big Cinco De Mayo person. I guess all my years of working nights in TV ..I don't think I've ever been out for it? Is that weird? sweet of Kevin. He really is a nice guy. hit the jackpot.
    Let's, us four, plan on going out again soon.

  2. I love love love that he took that pic for y'alls niece! So stinkin cute! Have a safe trip back home!

    We normally go out for Cinco De Mayo but I have my end of the year Junior League dinner tonight!

  3. That's so cute, i may steal the pic and print out for our house!

    We're headed out for margaritas on a porch overlooking the water to celebrate our anniversary!

  4. I will be...STUDYING, tonight! My toughest exam is tomorrow. My dad is stopping by to take some stuff home and begin the moving out process, so I think I'm going to get a dinner out of him, but aside from that I'll be studying like crazy!

  5. Mexican food is my favorite so I always have to celebrate Cinco de Mayo :) I'm feeling the need for a burrito right about now ...

    What an adorable picture of Dora and Kevin! That was really sweet and thoughtful of him :)

  6. cute pics!

    we didn't do much. I was going to make enchilladas, but we both got home late and realized that by the time they would have been ready, it would have been, we went to taco bell!!! hahaha

  7. Dear Anne,

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    will be together to celebrate.

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